Shop Talk: Final Days & DIY Projects

Shop Talk: Final Days & DIY Projects

The time is here: Install is in four days! As you can imagine, that means it's all hands on deck to get our HQ ready for our certificate of occupancy and move in day with our installation crew.

The project was in super-speed mode this week to meet our deadline. Painters were on site prepping, priming and painting the walls, cabinets and doors. The kitchen backsplash and mop sink tile were completed yesterday. Our quartz kitchen countertops were installed and look stunning with a dazzling dark gray veining throughout. 


One of my favorite parts of a project is when lights get wired. The fun oversized rope pendants I love in my personal home were hung in our conference room and sitting area and look dazzling all lit up (think disco ball vibes).

I had a few chandeliers in storage and decided to wait until things came together a bit to select one for our bathroom center light. I opted for a modern clear glass and aged brass Moroccan lantern that will balance our palm wallpaper and antique chippy gold painted French mirror.

The sleek white pendants and track lights are slowly going up as paint is drying and workers are clearing the floor so the lift can move around the space and hoist up the commercial fixtures.

Our current office is in the middle of our historic building and has no windows, zero natural light and very dim fixtures. I'm over the moon with how bright and airy the HQ will be! It will be such a fresh, inspiring and happy space for us to work hard and get our creative juices flowing. 


There are always curveballs and unforeseen design challenges on a project. This one is no exception. Last week Cale, my general contractor, called about a ceiling alcove that needed a fix.

Our front entry was never finished for some reason -- thinking maybe a leak repair left in this mode -- and raw plyboard was just exposed and needed to be fixed and covered. It was an oversight and not in the budget but also at the last minute so figuring out materials/labor would have possibly pushed back the project.

So, I got creative. I went across the street to my storage unit and looked to see what materials I already owned to save money and time. I knew I needed something that would be super easy to install so my current crew could handle the job.

I found some vintage doors that were original DIY fixtures in Deep Ellum when we opened. I asked Cale if he could simply drill them into the plyboard and create a patchwork design that was unique, vintage and totally Flea Style. With a few saw cuts, four-inch screws and a lot of creativity, the ceiling treatment was complete for zero dollars in an hour and looks really unique and fun. Problem. Solved!


On Friday I went over hardware locations with Cale and light fixture hanging heights. I re-visited the furniture and fixtures in storage and noted where there were design holes to fill to fully install our spaces this week while I have the extra muscle on hand.

Yesterday, I took my daughter on a mad dash around DFW for all the missing links. We hit a favorite consignment store, HomeGoods, Target and Half Priced Books for some gems. We scored some really cool, eclectic furniture pieces from an Asian chest to a Hollywood Glam marigold accent chair. I collected a few boho-chic pillows and sleek lamps for our gathering areas, too.

One of my favorite finds is a three foot neon lit sign that says "You Got This." I say this phrase all the time, so it seemed kismet for my office.

This week before we install, we have to pack up the current office. It's such a crazy time to move with the holidays here, and so much transition and growth in the company. I've spent very little time on our HQ because I simply don't have it.  This is one of the first projects that I feel will be a little incomplete at move in date, but I'm ok with it. I know this is our home for a long time, and am comfortable with it coming together over time so it's perfect for our team and big plans ahead.

Do not miss Instagram stories over the next several days to watch it all come together. It's going to be a messy, fun, beautiful and crazy-busy week!





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