Shop Talk: Flea Finds and Finishing Touches

Shop Talk: Flea Finds and Finishing Touches

I’m writing this from an airplane, heading back for an intense several days to get the store installed and ready for our product placement and opening day. I dropped my kids in California so I can have 12-hour days prepping all the things for Grand Opening while they have fun at Camp Mimi and Papa.

Last Friday our exterior sign was officially installed and it looks stunning. I’m so happy with the aged brass finish and fun, last-minute tile work I chose to pop behind the letters.

This week, our contractors have been working around the clock prepping millwork, priming cabinetry, retrofitting the cash wrap we inherited and 10,000 other little and big tasks. While I have been away, I’ve had daily calls with the workers on every detail from lightbulb colors to concrete countertop hues and finishes.

Our corporate team has been heads down on opening store checklist tasks including setting up utilities (hello, Wifi, phones, water, etc.), purchasing supplies from iPads to glass cleaner and planning our opening parties.

Marketing has been plugging away at some fun projects including creating billboards along the tollway and digital ads for the huge screen that hangs above Galleria Dallas’ ice-skating rink.

Our buying and product design departments have their hands full prepping all the products for the store in addition to our boot bar launch and hat bar expansion! They’ve been selecting outfits for mannequins, tagging thousands of pieces, and helping figure out window designs.

I’ve been trekking across Texas searching for unique fixtures, display pieces and vintage product. Last week Allyson and I visited Canton to haul back flea market treasures to make our shiny new store feel like us and honor our antique-loving roots.

I have found so many amazing pieces! Some of my favorites include a pair of bamboo shelves, some 60s floral paintings and an insane ivory and brass floor mirror that matches my childhood bed set! #memories

In addition to setting up the store for success, we’ve been setting up our new team hires too. I took some time last week to film some training videos for fresh hires to learn our story and where we’re headed. As much as I love to build our stores, I love to build our team and ensure they’re empowered and know their impact once they join the Flea Style family.

On Thursday I'm kicking off my day at the store checking on progress and meeting with our contractors to answer some final questions. I’m finalizing our run of show for install next week so our team and installers are on the same page and ready to press go Monday bright and early.

I’m so proud of our team and all the hard work everyone is pouring into this project and next chapter for Flea Style. The store is going to be stunning. Keep following here for the fun scoop and details!



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