Shop Talk: Flea Style Fort Worth Remodel Begins!

Shop Talk: Flea Style Fort Worth Remodel Begins!

Our Fort Worth Flea Style and Heirloom Haul location has finally broken ground! It’s been a long time coming, and we’re so excited to finally make some dust in Cowtown for our fifth brick-and-mortar!


We’re taking over a 3,300-square foot store that was formerly called MB Mercantile. The bones are beautiful, so we have a really stunning space to work with, it’s just a matter of making it look and feel more like us.

The design elements were really busy for our product, so I wanted to pull back a lot of finishes and neutralize the space. Being our third Flea Style location, it was also imperative to have the aesthetic vibe with our others while having it’s own personality fitting for the city and customers of Fort Worth.

I decided to paint the busy faux wood wall solid warm white. The exposed brick at the bottom of the iron cage (more on that amazing piece later), also got a coat of Shoji White by Sherwin Williams.

There was a lot of dark wood elements throughout the store and I painted them to allow our product to standout versus the trim and doors.



One of the biggest changes was the former cash wrap area. The custom register is huge! When I walked the space I knew immediately it was meant for our hat bar experience, not customer check out.

I found a smaller cash wrap at a flea market and will move that entire experience to the front of the store and transform the huge wood built-in into a hat lover’s dream space. I wanted to keep some of the natural wood elements, but also decided to paint many pops of it to make it more feminine and soft. I chose some very Flea Style pinks and greens to create this boho-chic vibe and be very on-brand with our other stores.

 Another big change was the entry frame wall we inherited. The grid of perfectly placed rectangles and new frames was unique, but way too uniform and perfect for my taste. Plus, the thought of dusting all of those alcoves made me want to cry.

So, I decided to totally change it up. Since our cash wrap will live in this area, I knew I wanted a staggered mirror wall moment to mimic our other locations. Problem was, there were all of these big holes to cover. I got a bid to wrap the wall in wood planks or sheetrock and both were over $2,200. So, I decided to get creative to save money.

I had an electrician pull all the wiring and then had the painters demo the frames and paint the entire area as-is in my signature warm white. Now, my challenge is to find a ton of huge mirrors to cover the holes like they were never there. I figured the mirrors will cost me less than all of the demo but it will be a challenge. Wish me luck!



Over the past few weeks, our team has spent several days going through all of the former product and fixtures in the store to organize, inventory and re-imagine ways to fold them into our story. It’s been a big process that’s taken a ton of time and thought.

Currently, everything is covered for our huge, weeklong painting job. It will be complete by Monday and I’m giddy to see the transformation. I have yet to see the space since the painters started since I had market to buy product for the store all week.

Speaking of market, Allyson, Carolyn and I went to Dallas market all week to curate product for our stores this fall/winter. We leaned in big time to Fort Worth and the Western lifestyle for this space nestled in the heart of the historic Stockyards. I’m so excited for the items we chose and to highlight them in this gorgeous store!



Next week, some new light fixtures will start getting installed and we’ll begin to set the floor’s layout for product placement. Grace will begin a two-story. indoor mural soon, too.

We’re starting to hire employees for the store and also working on a new POS system as we scale. From ordering tech to rolling racks and organizational supplies, we have lots of things on our shopping list outside of the pretty stuff, too.

I’m so excited for this space and to honor it’s historic roots while modernizing it for our customers and Mule Alley. Continue to follow the progress here and on Instagram via our main feed and stories!


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