Shop Talk: Flea Style’s Next Location Is…..

Shop Talk: Flea Style’s Next Location Is…..

Last year at this time, we were detailing our Deep Ellum store construction and progress with a weekly series dubbed Shop Talk. I never ever would have imagined that 12 months later, we’d be bringing the series back to document our second retail location.

Yes, it’s true. We’re opening a second store and studio – as well as a restaurant! – late this summer at The Star in Frisco (scroll all the way down to see our video announcement)! After our wildly successful outdoor pop-up Market at The Star last year, we knew the growing city was the perfect spot to put down roots for a second location. Plus, as a working mom, I loved the idea I could buzz between locations in 30 minutes or less versus other cities in the back of my mind a state or several states away.

We’ve wanted to share this exciting news for months, but it’s taken some time to wrap up the details. But a couple weeks ago, we signed on the dotted line to open a giant 6,200-square foot anchor space at the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters.


So here’s the scoop: Last year after our holiday market, I started touring spaces at The Star. I never ever imagined opening a second location so soon, but after meeting the Frisco shopper – make that 12,000 of them! – and seeing how much they loved our unique vendors and products, I knew I needed to explore the idea and location.

I quickly ruled out the 1,200 and 1,800 square foot spaces because they were just too small for our experiential retail concept. But when I saw the pretty corner location with sweeping windows, a huge patio and soaring ceilings, I knew I found our Frisco home.

This space is enormous – 1,300-square feet larger than our Dallas location. We will have tons of room to spread our wings with an even larger retail and studio footprint. It will also house our new culinary concept, Heirloom Haul, which will eventually go in our other Deep Ellum building if I don’t fail miserably in the food world (say a prayer, y’all).

This location will have the Flea Style spirit, but be designed for the Frisco shopper and Dallas Cowboys fans. We’re currently working on a product mix just for this gal and guy in mind from unique home decor to custom Dallas Cowboys clothing we’re crafting with our makers from merchandise we’re buying from the team (how cool is that?!!!).

I always knew I wanted food in our second Deep Ellum building, which shares our parking lot. Between catering our studio events and just offering our shoppers another experience and reason to visit our store, food and beverage has always been in my business plan. When I fell in love with the huge space at The Star, I knew Heirloom Haul would perfectly fit inside the space to offer the same experience for our tribe.

Regarding the food. I tried and tried to find a local concept to fill this need in our spaces. I have no itch to enter the restaurant world; it actually terrifies me (and y’all know not much scares me). But after multiple meetings with local restaurants, nothing ever panned out either for branding or funding reasons. I finally decided to take on the food ourselves to control everything from the menu and price point to the vibe and décor. Branding is so important to me and I just couldn’t find the perfect concept to intimately share our spaces and shoppers with.

After a lot of consideration, we decided on the name Heirloom Haul to play on words that are meaningful to Flea Style but also the food biz (yes, lots of heirloom tomatoes are on the menu). I hired a local consulting team and Southern California chef to help me build the concept from scratch. Although I own this concept, I will not be its general manager or hanging in the kitchen. I will most definitely be leaning on experts every step of the way that know way more than me and give it a real chance to work.


 The idea behind Heirloom Haul is that you walk into our spaces and feel transported to the old antique mall tearoom – but more modern and cool. As a child I grew up in antique malls and always loved the back mom and pop restaurants that served classic and yummy sandwiches, salads and homemade sweets. We will do the same but with loads more flair and fancy ingredients. The menu offers a mix of sandwiches and salads as well as a tea sandwich program and charcuterie boards along with artisan teas, coffee, wine and beer.

A few months ago, I bought a vintage ‘60s Scotty camper – in Frisco of all places! – that will be a fun fixture in the food concept. I’ve been collecting other “heirlooms” that will decorate the space that will be an open-concept in the space. I’m so excited about offering yet another element at Flea Style for people to enjoy community and unique design! As much as Heirloom Haul’s operations scare me, I’m giddy over bringing it to life and seeing people connect inside and marveling in it’s prettiness!


Since December, I’ve been working around the clock on this project. Currently, our plans are about 90-percent complete. We’re just waiting on the final kitchen design and then for MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) to do it’s thing so we can get final plans and permits with the city.

This week we move all the fixtures I’ve been collecting for the store to a storage unit in Frisco so I can easily bring them to the construction site when needed (and make room in our cramped Deep Ellum quarters). If you’ve been to our Dallas location, you’ve seen the gorgeous 12-foot teak doors that divide our store and studio spaces. I have two left and bring those to the new location this week for installation soon.

Our menu is designed and now we’re entering the testing phase and building out the recipes play-by-play for the cooks. I’m designing the restaurant space and how it will flow and what furniture pieces I want that both look great and function for high-foot traffic. Yes, I’m designing the entire space myself!


I’m currently finalizing tile selections with local purveyor Riad Tile for our bathrooms and some kitchen elements. I will begin working on the menu design with Grace soon. There are so many moving parts I seriously can’t even think of them all to detail to you here….

But here’s the good news: I will write weekly updates here to keep y’all in the loop every step of the way. From behind-the-scenes photos, scoop and news to construction updates and our official grand opening date, you’ll be the first to know everything.

We’re so excited about this project and the opportunity to offer another place for small businesses to succeed and unique style to shine. This fall we celebrate our 10-year anniversary since starting my first Dallas Flea market. I cannot think of a bigger and better way to toast our company’s journey and future than this fun project!

Thank you for your continued support and I’ll be in touch soon with all the latest and greatest!

All my love,

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