Shop Talk: Fort Worth, Here We Come!

Shop Talk: Fort Worth, Here We Come!

We’re so excited to officially announce we’re opening two stores in Fort Worth this summer! This location has been a long time coming…

Ever since opening our first store in Deep Ellum, we’ve been presented opportunities across Texas and beyond. None of them were right, until The Star came calling. Clearly, we made the right move putting roots in Frisco, even if it was just four months short of a global pandemic.

Since opening our second location in November 2019, it’s been a rollercoaster with Covid, learning the restaurant business (oh yeah, opened Heirloom Haul too), and expanding operations. During this time as other deals rolled in, I said no without hesitation. The team’s bandwidth was either more important, our growing pains needed my full attention, or I was in Covid survival mode (typically, all three).

The DFW real estate scene is vast, but also tight. I have two dear female friends in the commercial space and they knew how I felt about expanding. With that said, they’d still present me deals and I would say no, almost before they could finish their sentence.

One day early this year, my friend Jessica texted and said I needed to hear her out. This was a deal I’d be silly to not at least let her finish a sentence about. Out of respect, I took her call. I had turned down deals in her Fort Worth hometown for years. I love Fort Worth, but for one reason or another, the shoe didn’t quite fit for Flea Style. A month before Covid hit, I even toured a space with her that was actually really interesting. That meeting left a huge impression on my heart about how cool Fort Worth was. But again, it didn’t feel right — and then the world shut down a month later.

So, back to this call… She filled me in on a new development called Mule Alley in the historic Stockyards, an area I really didn’t know a lot about other than it was a Texas landmark and loved hats (huge perk). She talked about its rich history, restored buildings, visionary developers and heritage brands setting up shop. She talked about some available spaces, and her desire for me to join the mix. She was hooking me in. And then, she delivered the shocking news they didn’t want me to entertain leasing one space, but two. I thought I was nuts!


Long story short, I met up with Jess and toured the spaces. I met with ownership over a delicious catered barbecue lunch and learned more about the vision behind Mule Alley and what they have planned for this stunning, historical district. My gut was happy, and sold (I love BBQ y’all).

So, here’s the story: We’re opening two amazing stores in Cowtown this summer! The first is a 3,300 square foot Flea Style store with a mini Heirloom Haul concept inside. The space is absolutely stunning and will feature our boho-chic clothing, jewelry, accessories and home goods. It will also house our biggest hat bar yet! A cute vintage camper will set up shop inside slinging yummy sips and sweets, too.

We’re currently working with contractors to modify the space, which is currently a retail store call MB Mercantile. We’ll retrofit it for our vision and also work with the city and health department to bring Heirloom Haul inside. We don’t need to make many changes, so it should go fairly quickly if permitting is easy peasy (say a prayer). Our goal is to open by early September! Signage just rolled in yesterday and is gorg. It’s starting to feel really real!

Our second store is a 400-square foot shop inside Hotel Drover, an über-cool Autograph Collection hotel by Marriott. It was clear from day one that this store needed to be an extention of our brand, with a new name and logo. Within a few hours of touring the space, the name was an obvious one for me: Wide Brim.

The name conjured up our love for hats, but also a western meets boho-resort vibe which perfectly describes the gorgeous, eclectic hotel and also the Flea Style way. Inside we’ll sell sundries (sweet and savory snacks and sips), apparel, coverups, bathing suits, jewelry, Texas-friendly trinkets and heirloom-quality local goods. We’ll also sell alllll the hats. Hello, cute pool pix!


Grace, our amazing art director, nailed the logo and brand guide. She’s been working on all things to launch the store next month from hang tags and bags to stamps and signage. We’ve set a grand opening date of Friday July 16th so pencil it down!

I’ve been ordering product to fill the space 24/7 while reaching out to local makers to highlight their Fort Worth flavor in store too. This store is teaching me lots learning about the hotel industry and what travelers need from a lobby store. Blending those desires with our brand and vision is a fun challenge and I’m excited to execute it soon. Current curveball: Need a cool glass front fridge to store beverages but also feel Flea Style. Hmmm….

Next week, we’ll start a mini renovation on the space with fresh wallpaper, lighting, paint and more. All my finds have started arriving and look amazing. We’re installing some fun fixtures to highlight our product mix, too. We’re currently seeking part-time sales to hire and help us hold down the fort once we open.


Back at our Dallas HQ, the team is working on all things to open Wide Brim. Whitney, our retail director, is ironing out tech, building the store on our POS system, ordering supplies needed and managing all the new product arrivals. Our retail team is tagging, inputting stuff in the system, steaming and boxing items for delivery. There is so much to do – all while managing our other spaces and future Fort Worth Flea Style space, too.

We’re so excited for this next chapter for the company and to expand to a city we’re swooning over daily. We cannot wait to share all the fun, challenges and growing pains here and on Instagram. It’s going to be a wild ride, and we’d love for you to join.



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