Shop Talk: Frisco Breaks Ground!

Shop Talk: Frisco Breaks Ground!

That headline though!!! Yes, it’s true. We have officially broke ground in Frisco and it feels sooooo good! Finally!

Of course when all the action starts, I’m out of town. Last week I took off for California to visit family and friends. I had the trip planned for months and decided I needed the break and time off more than the first look at a little plumbing construction dust. But believe me, it was killing me not being there the day we officially got in the space and started construction!



Tons happened last week actually. On Monday, our restaurant chairs rolled into Frisco on a huge trailer. This is the craziest story. A couple weeks ago I couldn’t sleep and ended up trolling the web for everything from lighting to furniture for Frisco. During a deep dark dive on Craigslist I found my spirit chairs and literally couldn’t go to bed I was so excited to connect with the owners and find a way to get them from Oklahoma and into my hands.

The sweet woman in charge of selling these for her church didn’t use PayPal and had never heard of Venmo. I had no time to drive up to her to pay her in person, let alone pick these puppies up before my trip. So, I went scrambling to figure out a way to get these perfect vintage chairs with the prettiest mauve upholstery into my life. I reached out to a friend in Canton with a giant trailer and asked him if he’d deliver them for me. He agreed and so I sent him money via PayPal to pay the owner in cash on the spot.

I was in California when the transaction happened and I was coordinating with everyone via text, DMs and calls. My husband met the guys at a storage unit and the delivery was completed at 11 p.m. after it took my friend twice as long as he’d expected due to how heavy the chairs are! It was such a crazy circus act but we pulled it off and I’m so thrilled with these heirlooms. They’re so perfect for the space, plus helped support this sweet small town church.



So many other deliveries happened while I was out, too. Sixteen lights have trickled in from all corners of the web. I sourced special pieces from all sorts of purveyors to pull together an eclectic-but-cool look that will be stunning once installed and feel like little gems throughout the dining hall. I cannot wait to see it all lit up and come to life!

During that sleepless night a couple weeks ago, I also started collecting vintage metal trays on Etsy and Ebay for the restaurant. They started arriving and are all so unique and pretty! I love the vintage floral designs and how each tray is a little different than the next. They are each little heirlooms that will make for a much cooler way to enjoy a salad or sandwich than a plain ol’ silver tray.



Fabrics for the upholstered projects have also arrived and I’ve been shopping tile selections for the backsplashes throughout the space. Our black and white Riad Tile selection is on order and will make such a statement in the restaurant! I’m so excited about the mix of materials and makers we’ve compiled to create a really modern take on an old-school tea room. It’s going to be so fun!



While in California, I spent several days trolling local stores for design and styling ideas. From ways to merchandise jewelry and shoes to fun floor treatments and upholstery ideas, my mind was spinning by the end of the trip.

I’ve come back inspired and ready to design all the details that will make our merchandise and makers shine. This week I have meetings with some talented creatives to help bring our ideas to life through custom woodworking projects and some unique fixture and display pieces.



Today I’m back to the grind after a full week off and really unplugging. My day has been loaded with calls, meetings, planning and inspecting products that have arrived. I’m a little overwhelmed by everything on my plate but overall am just jazzed to get cracking on everything. Later this week I’m visiting the space and can’t wait to see everything happening inside and to share every single inch with you.

Stay tuned!

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