Shop Talk: Frisco Move & Flea Market Finds

Shop Talk: Frisco Move & Flea Market Finds

It’s been one week since we announced our new Frisco home, and we haven’t stopped pushing go since! On Wednesday, we moved a ton of fixtures we’ve been collecting over the past several months into a storage unit near the new store.

We needed to clear our second Deep Ellum building to start construction on the future home of our wholesale businesses’ distribution center and Heirloom Haul Deep Ellum (they will share the space with a dividing wall in the back). We don’t have an open date yet for Heirloom Haul next to our HQ, but I would like for it to open by the end of the year if we can fit it on our plate!

On Wednesday we had four men and a huge truck roll up the HQ at the crack of dawn to start loading our treasures. From antique wood columns to vintage Cowboys memorabilia, I had so many things ready to make their way to Frisco. Since we’ve been in talks with The Star about a future store since last fall, I’ve quietly been collecting things that I thought would be perfect for the concept.

I figured if the deal didn’t happen, we could always use them at our Dallas store or sell them in our shows. Thankfully, everything worked out because I bought so much stuff I can literally fill an entire 6,200 square foot space! My favorite piece is by far the 1850s wood cash wrap from an old Missouri general store I scored in Canton a couple months ago. We will paint it and customize it a bit, but the bones are bananas and the history of it makes me smile every time I see it!

I’m starting to really focus on Heirloom Haul’s design as it will be the most time-consuming part of the project. While in Morocco in March, I collected several vintage rugs that I imagined being upholstery in the restaurant’s booths. Currently I’m designing the seating arrangement and figuring out how I make these carpets shine!

I’m also starting to work on our plans for Stevie Nicks, our vintage ’60s Scotty camper. I know exactly where she’s going inside the space, but how exactly we use her is a little in the air. I’m seriously leaning towards turning her into a bar that you belly up to. But stay tuned as I work with my contractor on what’s best for the layout and customers…


This is just a sliver of what’s inside our storage unit! For sure we will need another one soon! I hope I bump into more vintage Cowboys gear before we open. I can’t wait to turn these old tin numbers into planters for our Cowboys Corner in the store!

This week we start heavily designing our Game Day collection with repurposed vintage and new Cowboys apparel. We’re working with a vendor to turn these items into really unique pieces from vintage Levi’s jackets to baby rompers. I can’t wait to debut this fun collab!!! 

 Since construction starts soon (hopefully in four weeks or less), The Star let me bring some of my giant fragile pieces straight to the space for safety reasons. Plus, they will be built into the construction quickly after we break ground.

It’s amazing how tiny these huge pieces look inside this space. It’s so important to me that this retail concept feels handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind. Given it’s brand new construction — and huge — the challenge is real to create a warm, cozy, chic space that feels like it’s been around for a while. I’m on a mad hunt for large, unique pieces that will add character and charm to the current cold concrete box. I’m up for the challenge! These pieces are a sold first step!

Hannah and I went to Canton last week to find fixtures and products for our stores and future wholesale line. She was a huge good luck charm!

We found so much stuff I had to find people to deliver everything that couldn’t fit into the suburban. I adore these huge old bins that we will use on the Frisco patio for planters. We have so much space outdoors there that we will be able to play with lots of large planters and plants.

You should have seen Hannah and me moving these bad boys across the fields and lifting them into the car. Let’s just say we were very sore the next day!


I squealed when I found these old iron patio pieces! I mean, that blush color!!! I have no idea what we’re doing with these gorgeous gals, but we will figure it out! I’m thinking we’ll create a moment in the middle of the store with them since they can easily bolt into the floor… That corner piece will help us create a really cozy space in such a huge sea of concrete and soaring ceilings!

These vintage iron bistro table bases were a favorite find for sure! I had just been researching table bases for Heirloom Haul the night before and really not excited about the new stuff I was finding online… These eight mix and match pieces are perfect for the space and just what I was hoping for! The patina on them is amazing…

We will add new marble tops to add a fresh feel. But those aged bases are everything and true heirlooms. Plus, the family we bought them from was just the sweetest. I’d rather give them my money than a big box store any day!

So, that’s a solid look at our last week on these projects. In addition, I had multiple calls with our architect, lighting contacts and audio-visual companies for updates and bids. Our kitchen design was finalized and appliance list was built per our menu. Right now a big focus is on product from sourcing items from vendors to creating products with our makers.

There is so much going on with this project my head is spinning. But in the best way. Y’all confirm daily how ready Frisco is for us. Between customers and Instagram messages, I can’t believe how much the area is craving a cool concept like this. It’s going to be amazing!

Keep checking back here weekly for more updates.

Talk soon!

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