Shop Talk: Galleria Dallas, Let's Go!

Shop Talk: Galleria Dallas, Let's Go!

I’ll admit it: I never thought I’d have a store in a mall. I’ve always been an off-the-beaten-path kind of shopper seeking unique goods and locations to spend my time and money.

Well, I stand corrected. Next month, we will open our fifth brick and mortar at Galleria Dallas. And I couldn’t be more excited about it!

It’s no secret malls have been struggling. Over the past couple years, several have reached out asking us to consider leases across the country. These huge shopping centers are seeking modern retail, experiential concepts, and fresh blood to bring back mall culture.

As a small company, we weren’t ready to explore this retail landscape thousands of miles away. But when Galleria Dallas called, it was a different story due to their proximity and vision. After an on-site tour and meeting their dynamic and modern-thinking team, we were in.

Over the past year, this mall has created a pop up market to support DFW makers and shakers. They’ve signed several leases with area small businesses to further highlight their love for local and making Galleria Dallas unique to other national malls.

In addition to their well-rounded local retailers, they have hero brands from Louis Vuitton and Gucci to Nordstrom and Sephora. We couldn’t wait to join the mix and get a feel for what mall expansion might look like.

A couple months ago we inked the deal and have been working around-the-clock to open this summer.

First up: Securing permits to start renovations. This process was daunting, but we finally got the green light after a couple months of going back and forth with the city.

During this time, I interviewed a couple contractors and ended up hiring the same Garland-based company that did our hat bar renovations in Frisco earlier this year. I designed a mood board to keep my vision on track and paint the picture for our team and Galleria Dallas peeps.

Inspiration board for interior design finishes at the new Flea Style Galleria Dallas location. Includes cottage rose paints, brushed brass finishes, and more.

We hired a local company to design and manufacturer our exterior sign per the mall’s rules and regulations. I tediously selected every single paint color and finish for the space after pulling my hair for days on hundreds of options.


During all of this, I’ve been shopping daily between tasks and normal work things from buying building supplies (new vinyl flooring, decorative lights, cabinet hardware) to unique store fixtures, art and décor that bring our aspirational vintage aesthetic to life. Outside of the one-of-a-kind finds, most my purchases have been online to save time and be able to work on this project after hours – I still have four stores and an online store to run!

Thankfully, I have an incredible team. They’ve been working so hard on this location too. Our buying department has been allocating product for the store and buying new items to make it special. We’ve been collaborating with a couple local mom and pops to bring exclusive items and categories (hello, vintage boots!) to the mall, too.


We’ve been designing exclusive products just for this store with our creative team. We’ve been dreaming up unique activations for the mall that will also be different from our other outposts.

Our operations team has been doing everything from launching a new POS and inventory system (this is a HUGE project, which will roll out in all stores) to hiring and training employees to run this location. Ordering hangers, bags, tissue, office supplies and everything else it takes to open a store have been daily to do’s to check off their list, too.

Supply chain and hiring issues have made all of this very difficult. There have been countless days of shopping new suppliers, negotiating unit pricing and bank appointments to wire money to speed up the processes.

My assistant has been a champ doing all the important things from making keys and securing permits to figuring out the alarm, cameras, music system and utilities. She’s hired movers, figured out how to get giant items I’ve found across the state to our storage unit and even framed art I’ve fallen in love with.

Our marketing gals have also been hitting the pavement for this project. Creating job applications, store signage, press releases and web copy are just a few things they’re currently tackling. Planning the grand opening party, social media blitz and influencer marketing are also on their plate.

The contractors started last week and are making big progress daily. They’re currently prepping and patching all the walls for paint, building new dressing rooms and replacing all the lights. They should wrap up by end of next week so our movers can start installing racks, hat pegs and all my funky finds before product gets placed.

It takes a village to open a store and I couldn’t do it without mine. We’re all so excited to expand to the mall and learn so much from the process.

We will open to the public Friday, July 29th. We have some very special things in store for the party. Save the date, and we can’t wait to see you there!


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