Shop Talk: Grand Opening Prep Time

Shop Talk: Grand Opening Prep Time

In less than 48 hours, we swing open our Game Day Style doors for our grand opening event and weekend. I seriously cannot believe the big day is here. The past 30 days — since we took possession of the space — have been a complete whirlwind!

Pulling a store together in a month is completely nuts. With such a short timeframe, we’ve had to cram in projects big and small to make it all work — and something we’re really proud of. I’m such a detail-oriented person that I can’t skip the small stuff because I know those are the things that make everything special, and a brand.

Since my last check-in here, I hit up Canton for a major flea market haul. I scored, y’all! From old sports helmets, gear and pennants to vintage tie clips, cuff links and pins, I found so much stuff! I also landed so many cool home decor items that will be fun for a man cave, kids’ bedroom or office space.

Another big accomplishment last week: Kimberly scored a giant 110-inch vintage lit arrow sign on Craigslist! She took the cargo van way west Friday to pick it up but the 3-hour round trip was worth it. This sign is such a statement piece and totally in line with our store’s vibe. The only problem? When it arrived at The Star, it was so heavy our team couldn’t unload it so I had to lure some high school boys nearby to help. Luckily our vintage candy had just shipped so I paid them in Big League Chew and all of us were happy at the end of the day!


Over the weekend, I really went to work on the space. Up until then, the team had been bringing in product, placing it throughout the store and getting us good on inventory. Over the weekend, I folded in my flea market finds. I put tie clips on old baseball cards. I punched holes in football cards for cuff links to be displayed.

I was on the ladder a lot! I decorated all of the shelves with cool decor from old photos and footballs to plants, megaphones and memorabilia I’ve collected all month. I even added some special family sports photos throughout the space. When you visit the store, you have to look for them! I put them in little spots here and there…

I spent hours and hours layering in unique game day style stuff. And all of it is for sale! From old stadium seats and baseballs to drum sets and trunks. I hope people get inspired to create unique spaces with all of these one-of-a-kind pieces.

On Saturday my electrician met me to open up the vintage score board and try to get it working. It was quite the project! Because it used to be lit via computer, he had to pull all the old wires out and individually wire each bulb I wanted lit. The pressure was on to land on the numbers I wanted permanently in lights. I landed on my lucky number 13 and 38, the age I turn on grand opening weekend. They just felt right. Love all the little special and sentimental touches I’m able to put on this space…


This week is the final stretch. Tuesday our installers were back to hang my final items as well as the scoreboard after a ton of thought on how to safely do so. It looks amazing! Only hiccup? When we plugged it in, it started to smell like smoke so our electrician is back out today re-wiring it for more wattage so the store doesn’t go up in flames!

I decorated the dressing rooms yesterday with fun props and photos. We hung the rods and draperies, too. Grace is putting signage throughout the space from window vinyls with store info to inspiring sports quotes on walls and our logo above the cash wrap.

The team has been tagging items like mad. They’ve also been the tech department from setting up the POS system, phone and printer to recording our voicemail and synching up Sonos. They even became pest control when a bird flew in the store yesterday and they had to spend an hour shooing it back outside! Never a dull moment, y’all!

Today we’re working on all the little things that add up to big things. Getting back stock in order. Setting up the restroom. Ordering all cleaning supplies. Getting the party supplies set. Designing our newsletter sign up sheet for the register. Updating our receipt logo and wording. Framing our return policy for the dressing rooms. Cleaning every nook and cranny. The list goes on and on…

Many of us will have a pretty late night tonight to pull it all together. But I keep telling them this is the fun part. It’s not every day we get to build a new store. It’s a ton of work and beyond stressful, but also incredible given the state of the world. I’m so proud of everyone and cannot wait to show y’all our hard work very soon!

Save the date to join us Friday through Sunday for our grand opening weekend events y’all!


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