Shop Talk: Grand Opening Week!

Shop Talk: Grand Opening Week!

In a couple days, we open the doors at our fifth store. When I think back to the past few weeks, it’s truly miraculous that we’re here and the store looks so magical after hitting so many roadblocks.

From permit issues to construction delays, we’ve dealt with a lot of hurdles to get here. But the store is an absolute dream and we couldn’t be more proud of how it looks and how our team banded together to make it beyond special and stunning.

I’ve been out of town for the past week while the team has worked so hard to put product in place and final touches throughout the space. The front entry table is set, fixtures are stocked, clothes are all steamed, and hat bar is packed to the gills with gorgeousness.

Dressing room curtains are hung. Locks are re-keyed. Cameras are installed. And every inch is dusted, mopped and wiped down to perfection. Earlier this week I lugged in final finds from our Long Beach flea haul from a boot bench to beautiful vintage scarves.

We also launched our new POS system and are learning the in’s and out’s of the new platform that we chose for rapid growth and scaling. Last minute decisions are being made for our Friends and Family opening party and grand opening event to the public. Signage is being installed throughout the store and final vinyls are being printed and placed.

On Monday our corporate team walked the space for two hours to talk through every single detail. From razor blading paint marks on the floor to adjusting mannequins and signage, we talked about 1,000 little things. Overall, we’re in amazing shape and just need to hammer down little details and misses that are commonplace.

Tuesday was a huge day! Our new team met for the first time and started training. They talked everything from customer service protocal to boot shopping etiquette and hat bar styling. Late night, our barricade will came crashing down and was hauled away. I brought my littlest helper for the big demo moment!

Today, media interviews are taking place and our photographer is shooting every inch of the space while it’s sparkling and quiet.

At the end of the week, the parties will start and we’ll celebrate all the hard work and official opening! We’re so excited to show y’all this beautiful store. We hope to see you there soon!

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