Shop Talk: Green Paint Is Hard, Y’all!

Shop Talk: Green Paint Is Hard, Y’all!

It’s a crazy week at the Flea Style HQ!!! We’re wrapping up details from our awesome Dallas show, gearing up for our Houston show next weekend and working around the clock on the new store and studio details. From crafting job applications and employee standards to selecting the perfect juicy green for our front doors, the decisions these days are endless!

But, back to green paint. I cannot find the perfect green for the life of me! I know exactly what I want (olive meets palm leaf) but each time I smudge a sample on the doors it’s just not right. Our doors have a ton of natural light so the colors tend to brighten up several shades once they dry due to direct sun. Hoping my fifth try will be the winner! Stay tuned…


Yes, I know how to paint. I just forgot my brushes this week and had to resort to using my fingers. Of these three choices the bottom is my fave (hello Vogue Green by Sherwin Williams) but I’m still going to try a few more options that aren’t so blue. Really hoping to land on a more olive color that doesn’t look like dog poop in person. Ugh!

The other big decision this week was electrical. Our exterior gets painted next week so the front facade lights need to be wired asap. We worked for about an hour on placing them just right so they look symmetrical. I ordered oversized white gooseneck pendants for the exterior. They’re so simple and old school but I think painted white they’ll have a fresh and more feminine feel. Very excited to see them installed and lit!

We got the green light on our electrical inspection this week so fixtures should get installed in the next couple weeks once the sheetrock work is complete! Our HVAC work is also about done and looking really sly all tucked up in the rafters. I’m so thankful we were able to conceal it for the most part!

Windows started going in yesterday and exterior painting kicks off any day weather-pending! Our kitchen sink and faucet, scissor entry gate and barn door tracks arrived this week. Pretty patio lights are finally on order and storage room organization pieces are arriving daily. Things are really starting to crack, sizzle and pop inside and out!

I’m currently living between the office and our new home making a million and one decisions every single day. It’s a lot but I know it’s all so worth it. I feel very unsettled right now packing up the office, working alongside inches of dust and hammering out so many details and decisions for our new concept and HQ.

That said, it’s an extremely exciting time and I’m very eager to open our doors for all the fun ahead! We passed out thousands of fliers about the new space at our Dallas show last weekend and shoppers’ reactions were infectious! The positive words, kind feedback and excitement makes us more pumped than ever to expand to brick and mortar.

We’re still on track to open early June so save the date! More details coming the minute I can spill the beans…

Talk soon!

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