Shop Talk: Hard Hats to Decisions

Shop Talk: Hard Hats to Decisions

I’m officially stressed y’all. So. Many. Decisions. So. Little. Time!!!

We are working towards an early November grand opening date, but everyday our schedule gets pushed back little by little and is making my install so tight that I’m looking at Frisco temporary housing to literally live there for two weeks because I will be there basically 24/7 the minute I get our CO!



All that said, things are really shaping up, just not as fast as I need them to. Current updates: Our restaurant flooring was installed this weekend. I haven’t seen it in person, but the photos my general contractor has sent over look great. This floor has been a big time labor of love. I really wanted the “pattern” to be extremely organic and finding that balance from off site was a bit tricky. But I think it will look really cool and unique — and it’s 100% certain that nobody else has this floor in the world!

Early last week, our ceilings were all sprayed white and look fantastic. The counters in Heirloom Haul’s servery and beverage station were installed, too. I chose a faux wood laminate (had to go with this material for health code) and I actually love it. I was worried it might look cheap or super fake, but it’s actually beautiful and the color is perfect.



At our weekly Thursday meeting, I brought the final lights up to the project and they get installed tomorrow morning. I actually have a 7 a.m. meeting scheduled this week to be on site and help place every single light from the location to the drop height. I have such a random design plan that I have to be on site to make sure it’s executed perfectly. Nothing is ever by the book with me, design-wise! It’s causing some logistical challenges right now but I know it’s so worth it once everything is said and done.



At that same meeting Hannah — our retail director — came to the meeting to walk the space and talk through fixtures with me. We came up with some layout ideas and also nailed down some of the specific pieces we need made to bring our floor set to life. On Friday I hit Canton for some final fixtures, products and accents to fold into our game plan, too.

Up this week: Today the walls are all getting painted and the quartz countertop templates are being measured and made. I meet with my design team to approve items including the aged brass treatment that’s being applied to our servery counter. The barn doors are being hung and all antique door hardware is getting attached. Saturday we roll Stevie Nicks — our vintage Scotty camper — into the space and set her in place before adding final touches to her exterior (we have some really fun things planned).

I meet with my restaurant consultant to make lots of decisions and taste our tea sandwiches today. We also interview a manager candidate that I’m really excited about (will fill you in way more down the road if this ends up being a good match for us both). Later this week I have a huge final framing meeting for all art going into the space from the restaurant to dressing room walls. Grace is in town and we’re working through tons of Heirloom Haul design elements from menu design to uniform details, too.

And this is just a tiny sliver of what’s happening. Honestly, there’s so much going on it’s kind of a blur! Ok, off to the office to meet with the team. Follow us in stories to see tons of action at the space this week!


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