Shop Talk: Headquarters, Let’s Go!

Shop Talk: Headquarters, Let’s Go!

The day is finally here! I’m so excited to say that we’re officially breaking ground on our company headquarters! The space will be next to our Deep Ellum Flea Style store and house the corporate offices and distribution center for Style Concepts, the parent company to Flea Style, Heirloom Haul, Game Day Style and Wide Brim.

I’ve waited for the day since 2017 when we bought the historic downtown Dallas property that includes two buildings and a parking lot. For the longest time, I always thought the 1,750 square foot space would be Heirloom Haul. I held off renovating the space for so many reasons: I wasn’t ready to open another restaurant. Covid. Financial considerations. It was convenient storage as we grew other channels in the company…



I’m so thankful I was patient with the space. Had I rushed the restaurant, I would have missed out on my biggest business opportunity and short-handed our success (retail expansion) while adding a major headache (hello, restaurant industry!).

Over the past few months, it has become crystal clear that we needed more office space for our growing team as well as a distribution center to safely store and sort inventory. It was crazy to consider moving it away from our home base when we had an empty building next door. The restaurant was a huge dream of mine, but over time, I’ve learned the food biz is not an area I want to heavily expand. It’s so hard for so many reasons and my largest stress. Why in the world add more?!



When I make up my mind, I move fast. So the minute I felt 100% confident that this building was our future HQ, I called my contacts and got cracking.

First, I worked with my longtime architect to design the space we needed. Key word there? Needed.

It’s far from the space of my dreams. If it was up to me, it would have lots of pretty lounge areas, a huge coffee bar and eye candy all over. But that’s not what our team needs. We need floor to ceiling storage racks. A blank studio wall for photo shoots. A mezzanine. Did I say storage?!!!

So, we blended some fun design elements and a community conference area with the details distribution and shipping require.



I hired the same local construction company that renovated our Dallas store in 2018. I love the fact they’re based in Deep Ellum and respect historical buildings and character fiercely. We work really well together, and I’m excited to see the magic we make together.

We recently scored our permit, which isn’t easy in a big city but especially during Covid. This week the guys started the process to saw-cut the concrete for underground plumbing.

I ordered all my lights and have started working on appliance specs and some fun details like kitchen backsplash tile and a funky door for my office instead of the run-of-the-mill Home Depot offerings.



I’m starting to map out the layout that’s best for our team, and different departments. I’m looking at tables, desks, chairs and decorative lighting.

We’re starting to interview our next hire, a distribution manager! We want to bring this person on soon to help us design the warehouse space to be as effective, efficient and successful as possible.

I’m exploring racks and gadgets (hello, forklift!), I never imagined I would own one day. And I’m finally creating the personal office of my dreams.

I’ve never had four walls to call my own in our spaces. For a few months, I did in Frisco but later gave it up to expand our kitchen. I’m so excited to have a home base in our HQ and be in our Dallas office more to grow our team and initiatives.



I’m beyond giddy to get started on this renovation and build the hub Style Concepts and our team deserves. I’m thrilled to fold y’all into the design process, building phase and big reveal later this fall.

We will move in at the end of the year — just in time to start off 2022 fresh and ready to flourish. Follow all the fun here and on Instagram!



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