Shop Talk: Hello, 2022 & New HQ!

Shop Talk: Hello, 2022 & New HQ!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s holidays were filled with fun, cheer and your favorite things and people!

Our holiday season was jam-packed with supporting our store’s busiest time, plus putting all the parts in place to pull together our new headquarters to start 2022 with a fresh slate and space.


The two-day install went fairly smooth, and was a fun team-bonding experience banding together to clean, scrub, wallpaper, vinyl, move, plant and hang all the bits and parts it takes to make a project organized, operational and beautiful.

As a former interior designer, it’s most important to me to have the right experts in place to make an install quick and efficient. I learned over the years it’s so worth it to knock out things quickly and keep the momentum (this is actually the way I roll with all things in life).

I hired my long-time installers to do the heavy lifting and hanging. Robert and his fleet of strong and creative guys did an incredible job bringing our space — and my wild and wacky DIY projects — to life.


While the guys took on the heavy lifting, the team and I sorted through the details. Vinyling our vintage lockers with team members’ names. Planting the antique bathtub in front of our space. Organizing drawers with office supplies and kitchen cabinets with dishes and our beloved snacks.

I focused on the decorative details and design to do’s: Laying rugs and fastening with rug tape. Adding the right bulbs in each light fixture for perfect lighting (warm white/daylight bulbs are a must for me). Placing hardware for the guys to add unique pulls to old doors. Arranging my office’s eclectic art wall with pictures, skulls, hats and other funky finds I’ve collected over the years.

Our distribution and shipping area took almost an entire day for the team to pull together. Building the big shelving units, attaching them to the brick walls and hanging my antique French doors took a lot of patience and hard work.

Like all of our stores and restaurant, I kept a common thread in our HQ to reflect our other concepts. The front living room has a layered mirror moment just like our stores’ cash wrap walls. The entry boasts the same golden palm wallpaper as our Frisco hat bar and restrooms.

Our signature window pane art pieces decorate walls throughout the entire space and our doors are painted the same coral as our popular Good Things Happen Here mural in Deep Ellum. The kitchen’s marigold tile was borrowed from Heirloom Haul’s backsplash.

One of my favorite last-minute projects was wallpapering our old Parson’s white desks with the same peel-and-stick paper as our Heirloom Haul pony wall in Frisco. The top of our desks had seen better days, but were still in great structural shape. We added a fresh paper to the top, and voila, they were new, fun and reflected a story we tell in a store.

We’re so happy with the way our HQ turned out. It’s an authentic reflection of where we’ve been, where we stand today and where we’re headed in 2022. It reflects so many stories from our past — furniture pieces I’ve collected, artwork from vendors, old fixtures from former spaces — yet was built with growth and expansion top of mind from our sweeping distribution department to conference room.

This week, I’ll share the full tour with you as we continue to settle in and kick off the new year.



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    Love that golden palm wallpaper! Can you provide the source? I need it ;)

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