Shop Talk: Hello, Decor Deliveries!

Shop Talk: Hello, Decor Deliveries!

How in the world is it March, y’all?! Seriously!

I so badly want to open Heirloom Haul Deep Ellum this summer, but, with the way the months are flying by, it’s going to be a huge stretch. Fingers crossed!

I don’t have a ton of progress to report about, but, I do have some fun decor details to spill…



Starting with the deliveries above. Our fabric arrived for our Frisco sofas and custom benches. I’m so excited about our black, white, beige and golden yellow color scheme. I think these fabrics are so on brand with our vibe, but also gender-neutral and classic. I can’t wait to play them up with boho pillows, vintage furniture and tons of pretty plants!

Vintage metal floral TV trays — that don’t cost an arm and a leg — are not easy to come by. So I’ve already started the hunt for our Deep Ellum restaurant since we’ll need so many. I’ve probably secured about 50 so far and they’re so cute! They’re trickling in from all over the country and already look so cool mixed and matched together. I love them as much for their history as the fact that they keep our waste close to zero in the restaurants!



Although we’re still waiting on the green light for our Frisco patio plans, we’ve started cracking on our custom design pieces so once we’re approved we can push GO. Chris, our designer, has made a couple of our benches that will get plush cushions and plants placed on top. I chose a very simple design since my other elements are eye-catching and busy. These pieces are completely one-of-a-kind and handmade here locally. Love that so much!



Last Thursday, I went to Canton to shop for vintage and unique finds for both locations. I found so much stuff! For our Frisco location, I found some unique iron pieces to wrap into the pergola design. I also found some vintage furniture that will mix into the new custom pieces Chris is making.

For Deep Ellum, I found SO MUCH. My favorite find by far is an antique cash wrap from Lindale that will be a part of our servery in Deep Ellum. Y’all, I’m not a sappy person. But I was literally brought to tears by this beauty. Her history, insanely pretty shape and uniqueness are exactly what I wanted for the restaurant. So, when we met, it was love at first sight.

I also found some other fun things from more vintage trays to antique china and old oil paintings for our walls.

Here’s what’s on the list for this week: I’m working with our architects on our Deep Ellum drawings and plans. The main thing we’re working on are structural engineering options (can we make a rooftop patio, or not?). From there, I’m flushing out Frisco details and aiming to accomplish an install in a couple of weeks!

I hope to have a lot more juicy details next week. Stay tuned — and come see us in Frisco in the meantime for a delicious lunch or happy hour date!



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