Shop Talk: Hello, Heirloom Haul & Cowboys Collection

Shop Talk: Hello, Heirloom Haul & Cowboys Collection

So. Much. Happened. Last. Week!!!

After 18 months of pulling up to our second building as a distressed, red brick, labor of some much-needed love, 3017 Commerce Street finally got a facelift! And she’s sooo pretty!

With Heirloom Haul well underway at both locations, it was time to update our second building. Our crew got cracking last Monday starting with several fresh coats of Shoji White paint by Sherwin Williams.



They also replaced all of the side windows and started to build out our new storefront window casing to add glass soon. It’s amazing how just a couple little changes can make such a huge difference!

The front 3/4 or so of this building will house our fast-casual eatery, but the back portion is going to be our distribution center to ship and receive product for our stores and online shop. Although we don’t plan to break ground on the restaurant until after we open Frisco and feel out the concept (I can only handle so much at once!), we are starting to design and install our distribution center in anticipation for tons of new products and vendor drop offs.

Now that the paint is dry, we’re working on finalizing our art mural for the second building. We plan to reveal it at our one-year anniversary party May 29th. Can’t wait to show y’all what we design!



I had several meetings on The Star location last week! Most of my meetings are regarding Heirloom Haul because it’s the most complicated piece of the puzzle in the concept. From health permits and kitchen design details (I’m learning sooo much about the intricacies of the health department and rules/regs) to dreaming up design details, this is truly a full time job right now.

I made tons of progress with my architect finalizing everything from my sheetrock smoothness preference to lighting tweaks and waterline needs (hello, outdoor plants). My head is always spinning after these intense meetings but in the best kind of way. I’m giddy about this location and how fun, beautiful and inspiring it’s going to be!




Another meeting I had last week: Flea Style Game Day. We are in the thick of designing and preparing custom clothing for Dallas Cowboys fans for when we launch the Frisco store (don’t worry Deep Ellum shoppers, you’ll have plenty to shop downtown too). Hannah, Hillary and I met for a couple hours to map out our first batch of designs to be created with a longtime vendor.

From cropped/distressed tees and decorative denim pieces to children’s rompers, we have so many fun things planned! We also made our first wholesale order with the Cowboys to create a handmade/one-of-a-kind collection from their product assortment. The three of us had so much fun dreaming up special styles for each SKU and cannot wait to debut these beauties later this summer to football fans that want unique game day threads.



In addition to all that jazz, I spent countless hours last week working on everything it’s going to take to either design our new space, fill it or scale Flea Style in general as it doubles in footprint. While all that is going on, we are also training our new amazing manager Brehn and prepping for our new Director of Operations’ arrival Wednesday.

To be totally honest, all of this growth and change is overwhelming. Sometimes in a bad way, most times in an amazing way. I’m trying my hardest to keep all the balls in the air while being a good business owner, leader, boss, mom and wife. Let’s just say there are lots of sleepless night right now trying to fit in all the things!

I’m truly trying to enjoy this moment of Flea Style’s journey because I know it’s fleeting. These are the days to enjoy. They are hard, stressful and scary as hell. But they’re also the best parts of the ride and build character, perspective and smarts. I’m so grateful to be in these shoes and cannot wait to show you everything we have in store for you!

All my love,

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