Shop Talk: Insulation to Insanity

Shop Talk: Insulation to Insanity

Last week was insanity y’all! I officially feel overwhelmed, but love it!

So all week I knocked out to do’s for Frisco. From purchasing tea carts and sandwich platters for the restaurant to approving shop drawings and pulling the trigger on our giant retail lighting package, I did it all.



On Thursday I trucked up to the site to meet with our general contractor and design team. We walked through electrical change orders, where I want speakers and certain audio/visual items placed, wallpaper installation and 101 other things.

Dozens of guys were on site installing insulation floor to ceiling. Tons of wiring was also happening for our alarm, cameras and sound systems. Needless to say, lots of scissor lifts and ladders were sprinkled throughout the space!



My team and I looked over the job schedule and planned for all tile to arrive later this week! I sent over all tile patterns I want throughout the space from kitchen backsplashes to flooring design and wall tile patterns. The bathrooms’ wall tile will start getting installed by the end of the week! I scheduled for our restaurant’s Riad Tile selection to land this Thursday for our next walk-through… Finally the fun stuff is happening!



I met with my restaurant consultant about tons of Heirloom Haul items Thursday, too. We talked through our POS system and signed up for our payments processor. We chatted about all of the equipment so I can place that order asap. There are so many details to consider from measurements to comply with cabinetry design to health code stuff (countertops I want to use versus actually allowed to use).

We started finalizing all of the supplies from to go packaging and napkin color to straw type and cup heftiness (who knew?!). These meetings completely leave me feeling overwhelmed. So. Many. Decisions!!! And they all matter so much and completely lay the groundwork for how this brand will look and feel. I am so thankful Grace — our graphic designer and art director — was in town Friday to bounce ideas off of. I trust her opinion so much and thankfully we were 100-percent on the same page!



One of my biggest tasks last week was reviewing every single cabinet and custom millwork design and signing off on them. It’s not just reviewing the look and saying yes or no. It’s analyzing every single dimension and detail so they will fit, function and look how I want. This is a lot of pressure! One mistake can add up to lots of lost dollars and time.

I found lots of edits. So from there I needed to draw out the changes, explain the measurements, etc. so the woodworkers can get them right. I also learned that the material I had hoped to use for Heirloom Haul’s servery cabinets was against code. So it was back to the drawing board on figuring out how to make laminate look cool and “on brand.” Woof!



Some highlights (translation: fun parts!) of the week: Lots of deliveries landed at our HQ for the new space from vintage lights and chairs to more lighting, wallpaper and tile. Our patio chairs also arrived and are perfection!

I also found my dream barn doors for our studio space! I was having some custom built with some old ceiling tiles from our Deep Ellum building. But while hunting for some fixtures recently I found the coolest antique barn doors from Fair Park’s former barn stalls. From the color and history (we used to host our flea markets there) I had to have these beauties in my life!

Of course they didn’t fit the case openings so we had to change them but the revision and cost is so worth it! These things are gorgeous and so meaningful to us!



That was a sliver of my week! This week is even more focused on Frisco. Today I’ve spent hours with Grace on designing Heirloom Haul’s website and talking through assets from menus and stickers to to go labels. Tomorrow I’m meeting my restaurant consultant to walk the space and confirm all drain lines, electrical locations and layout items in question. From there, we’re spending hours at Sysco to select packaging and supplies.

Thursday I have my weekly meeting and going over the latest and greatest. Behind the scenes, I’m purchasing items like glassware, marble table tops for our vintage bases, old tea carts and so much more. It’s go time and I feel like I’m on a mad dash to make it to the finish line! See a sliver of the craziness in our Instagram stories daily. I’ll keep trying to fold y’all in as much as I can!


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