Shop Talk: It’s All Happening!

Shop Talk: It’s All Happening!

So, I’m officially living at the building. I’m seriously considering putting snacks in the fridge and keeping a pillow in my tiny office area at this point.

There are so many tiny details getting hammered out every single day that it’s nearly impossible for me to leave. Which is good — we’re SO close — and bad — I don’t have a minute to pack, connect with my team or think straight.

But, it’s all good. Because in less than a month we are in business y’all!

Oh goodness. Where to even start. So much has happened since last week. Let’s commence with the cool stuff: Our kitchen tile and counters were completed this week. The mix of mauve, ivory, green and brick are simply stunning.

Our current kitchen consists of an Ikea white shelf and old bay sink so to say our new digs are an upgrade is a HUGE understatement. We are silly excited to prep lunch and coffee in this space every single day!

Painters are about done and the space is so fresh and pretty! We love the mix of exposed brick and clean white surfaces. There is still some touch up work but for the most part the place is ready for some fixtures and pretty product!



This week has been a mad dash to get our CO. All appliances were delivered and installed. All light fixtures were put in place and tested (passed that inspection Tuesday)! Plumbing fixtures are in and bathroom accessories are up to snuff from handicap handlebars to faucets and TP holders.

I’ve been meeting contractors left and right from wallpaper hangers and carpenters (can’t wait to show y’all my barn door creations) to my installers that are currently putting everything from our exterior signage and interior decorative elements in place to hanging our entry mailbox.

I’ve been to Lowe’s or Home Depot at least three times a day every single day this week picking up random screws, code compliance items and light bulbs.


Today I spent a couple hours personally painting the studio bathroom walls. It’s a long story, but on the fly I chose to use our exterior paint color on them after having to switch the wall treatment from shiplap to a very busy tile. I totally forgot I had selected a warm pink color for the door and the colors just clashed. So today I swiped a pretty green gray on the walls to balance it all out and am so happy with the results (as in color, not painting skills).

Back in our current HQ the team is holding down the fort. We hired our store manager and are simply smitten. Our sales staff is firming up and we have quite the team in place. We cannot wait for you to meet all of these amazing women!

We’re ordering our bags, tissue, boxes and twine. Our hangers are on order and should arrive soon. Grace is custom designing our friends and family invite to go out next week. Our website is under major construction for a nice little facelift next month. We’re packing around the clock. We’re transferring utilities. We’re lining up next season’s podcast guests. We’re ordering product and working with vendors non stop to fill the store.

We’re INSANE right now y’all. I’m so proud of my amazing team. I’m over the moon about our new digs. I’m so excited for next month and all the fun to come. Thank you for following our journey and we hope to see you at the grand opening soon!

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