Shop Talk: It’s Game Time!

Shop Talk: It’s Game Time!

I’ve never taken this expansion lightly. Believe me, I feel immense pressure daily to tackle my to-do list, balance work and life stuff and keep pushing forward on everything we’re doing (that includes hundreds of things outside of our Frisco location) without getting overwhelmed.

But we’ve officially entered crazy-town time. With less than two months until we open, this project is officially in high gear and I’m spending endless hours on it from finalizing selections and attending meetings to thinking through hiring strategies and space planning fixtures and furniture. I’m exhausted just writing that!

But, I love it. I love every single second of it because it’s building a brand I believe in and adore from the bottom of my boots. On Thursday, I spent my entire day on site. My morning started with a general contractor meeting to go over the latest change orders, progress reports and questions they had for me. Weekly we confirm things like grout colors, electrical switch locations, outlet cover styles/shades and the latest crazy treasure I’ve sourced and want to try to plug into the design last minute. I’m so grateful for this team that “gets it” and helps me creatively incorporate these gems!



Above is Heirloom Haul’s future servery area where customers will order food before taking it to the main hall area to sit down and enjoy. The drop down ceiling is a mandated health code design. I’ve been dreaming up ideas of ways to make it really cool when you enter the store and look at it from afar and am excited about what we’ve come up with!

Last week I ordered the backsplash tile for the servery area. I spent months searching for the perfect mirror tiles and finally made my selection. This was one of the hardest parts of the design process! Who knew there were so many mirror tile options out there?! I’ve known I wanted a mirrored backdrop since day one. For starters, I wanted to reflect the gorgeous store from this area so you can see all the pretty things in store while ordering your food. And two, the name Heirloom has always conjured images of antique jewelry in my mind for some reason — an old locket, gold ring, diamond brooch. I love the idea of aged mirrors in the mix to play on this feeling and vibe.


 There are fun selections such as mirror tiles and decorative lighting, and then there are not-so-glamourous selections like quarry floor tile, grout and toilet bowls. All were part of my week! Above is the health code regulated flooring going in the back kitchen area. At least they have a decent putty color that isn’t too awful!


The HVAC system started getting installed last week (thank goodness, it’s so hot in the space right now!). The guys are using scissor lifts to raise the equipment to the ceiling. It’s so much coordination and work! While on site I needed to help figure out the placement for all piping so it doesn’t hurt our retail lighting plan. There are lots of on-site decisions like this that we make each week as things are happening off the blue print pages and in real time. I always have to be quick on my feet and think fast so we stay on schedule. I’m so thankful for my interior design background on these days!

A more fun task completed last week: I selected all cabinet hardware. Instead of choosing different pulls and knobs, I went with the same style for every location but will place them vertically or horizontally depending on the spot. I didn’t have time to shop lots of styles — picking my design battles right now although I’d love to have endless hours to play and shop.

Tomorrow I’m headed back up to Frisco for a full day of meetings on site and then sitting down with my restaurant consultant for an Heirloom Haul session. Follow my every move on our Instagram stories. I’ll try to share it all with you!


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