Shop Talk: Kale, Yeah!

Shop Talk: Kale, Yeah!

Big things finally happening y’all! We officially got our permit last week and selected our general contractor!

I cannot tell you how epic last week felt — so much so that it’s taken a few days for me to collect my thoughts and compose this blog post. It was just such a long road to this point and it almost doesn’t feel real…



After months and months of pivoting, editing, meetings and so many other time-consuming tasks, we finally got approved by the city to get cracking on our space. We also selected the company — along with The Star — to commence construction after meeting with four firms.

On Thursday, I sat down with the team of builders, designers and engineers to show them our Deep Ellum space, our vibe and hopes and dreams for Frisco. I talked through my crazy plans for lighting, the unique materials I want to use in certain areas and the types of finishes I want on selections to make them look and feel old, unique and us.

I’m very excited about this group and know they’ll nail it. I think they’re also excited to work on a project a little left of center and to have some out-of-the-box fun with design.

We are on a very tight eight-week schedule that starts this week. So by October 1st, we are supposed to get our CO (certificate of occupancy) to start installing the store and eatery and be officially open by November 1st!



One of the best parts of last week was more tastings for Heirloom Haul! From chardonnay to our kale caesar salad, it was all delicious! I am constantly amazed by how yummy the food is!

Our chef was in town from LA and made a few more things for me to try. The salad was so simple but flavorful and the perfect classic caesar. The chicken salad sandwich has a touch of tarragon and will for sure be my daily go-to. It’s served on La Brea Bakery bread from my home state and is seriously the best bread you’ll ever taste!

This week is major! Plumbing work is starting any second inside the space. I’ve bought all light fixtures and cannot be more excited about the lighting design we have planned for Heirloom Haul’s dining area. It will be stunning!!!

We’re working on all things from tiny details (hello, vintage metal serving trays) to big design decisions like dining tables and chairs. Everything starts arriving late this week and I will be sure to show you all the things!


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