Shop Talk: Last Day Until Install!

Shop Talk: Last Day Until Install!

The day is finally here: Our future HQ gets a commercial clean and the city tags us with our Certificate of Occupancy! Tomorrow our installers arrive for a two-day move that will transform the space into the dream corporate headquarters I’ve patiently waited for, for years.

Yesterday was nuts. I spent nearly the entire day tying up loose ends, organizing schedules, ordering supplies and running around town for final fixtures. The day started with orchestrating a run-of-show (hello, pickup locations, timelines, storage unit gate codes) for our team and movers so the install is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Some track lights and exit signs didn’t work, so we had to return and find new ones to pass our electrical inspection. I needed a decorative iron piece for our welder to safely secure our entry so I buzzed around town to find the perfect thing (mission, accomplished).


I sat down with our distribution manager to map out the industrial fixtures that will outfit her domain to maximize product storage, shipping, allocation and team productivity. We ordered bins, boxes and giant 14-foot custom shelves being welded just for us and our two-story center.

From cleaning supplies and a vacuum to paper hand towels and dispensers, Amazon was my BFF all day. We met with a locksmith to streamline all doors and keys and the alarm company to get us safe and sound.

Grace started designing our exterior hanging sign and met with a local metalsmith to manufacture her magic. I love that we’re sourcing an expert in our hood and supporting our beloved Deep Ellum.

Interior walls got prepped for wallpaper, which gets hung today. McKenzie, my assistant, picked up some final art pieces I had framed for our bathroom and hallways. Speaking of bathroom, our lights were installed and look fantastic.

I sent a vinyl game plan — from exterior door signage to our mission statement — to Grace to add that special touch to the space.  Kitchen hardware installation started and the affordable $3 brass pulls look beautiful!

I scheduled a deep clean this weekend and started to map out a ribbon cutting moment with the team Monday to celebrate the big reveal and first day of operation inside.

When I turned 39 in November, I promised myself to make the next 12 months the happiest and most productive of my life. Today, exactly one month into my goal, I’m so excited to check this HQ off my dream list. I know opening this space will set up myself and the team for so much fun and success moving into 2022 and beyond.

Gearing up for tomorrow’s install, I have a lot on my plate — and mind. Today we’ll pack up the current office, clean out and tape all desk drawers and get things ready for movers. I’m orchestrating design ideas to space allocations constantly. And I’m saying some big prayers it all comes together, like it always does. Because guys, I don’t have a set plan for the layout.

I’m excited for tomorrow to roll up my sleeves and decorate. It’s my favorite thing in the world and it not being perfectly planned out takes off the pressure and will let me have a ball with it. Follow all the madness, mayhem and mega-fun on Instagram stories as I take over with a play-by-play.

Until then, wish us luck in these final 24 hours to get it ready for go time.



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