Shop Talk: Lights, Cameras, Action!

Shop Talk: Lights, Cameras, Action!

I’m still recovering from last week, y’all. Immediately following Market at The Star, we launched Monday with a full day of shooting for a segment on ABC.

From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., a crew followed me and the team around town to highlight what we do a Flea Style for a cool piece on the company. It was so much fun and a little surreal to celebrate all things Flea Style on camera for that long. I cannot wait for this piece to air and to share it with you.



Between filming in Frisco and then my weekly Thursday meeting, I spent a lot of time in the new space and got to witness a lot of action! Right now the big thing happening is tile installation. We have so much tile so this part of the project is taking some time. Plus, I’m laying the tile in so many unusual ways that extra attention must be paid — but will be so worth it!

There has been a lot of progress in the back kitchen. The quarry tile is all down, they built the dropped ceiling and started installing the ventilation pieces into the ceiling. All of the FRP panels are up (wipeable panels on the walls; it’s a code thing), too. This area is really shaping up and getting prepped to install the appliances soon!



Heirloom Haul’s servery area is also shaping up. The front counter is all built and now ready for a brass application I’ve designed and the quartz countertop. We’re waiting on the custom cabinets to be installed to then finish the tile work in these areas…

I found some cool gray hexagon tiles Monday for the bathrooms across from this area to pass health code. I kept striking out with selections that weren’t in stock. I finally found these really pretty oversized hex tiles — and on major sale! — and pulled the trigger. I had really wanted something different but in the end I think I will actually like these better. Funny how when you just go with the flow and keep an open mind magic happens…



In the main dining hall, they’ve installed the wood supports that will hold my vintage columns scored in Canton. I am so excited about this design element from the history behind these pieces and the age/character they’ll bring into the space to the airy but intentional division they will create between the retail and restaurant spaces.



Early last week all retail lights landed and basically took over the place! Hundreds of fixtures, bulbs, stems and exit signs are now stacked ten feet high in the middle of the store. Our electrician and his team have their work cut out for them!

Of course some items were left off the order — it’s never easy! — so I spent time last week tracking down additional parts to complete our order and let our guys get cracking on installation.

Other things that happened last week: I selected my barn door hardware, organized the custom upholstery projects for the restaurant, met with our TABC lawyers to knock final steps for our permit out and worked on bids for our exterior signage. I had no clue how much work goes into exterior signage in Frisco. In Deep Ellum we worked with a maker to create cool metal letters and had them ordered and installed within a week or two. In Frisco everything has to be organized through the city, approved, get a permit and meet very strict codes from sizing to wattage used. Learning new things about city code every single day with this project!



Right now I’m off to a media interview about Heirloom Haul and then a framing meeting to create custom artwork for the restaurant’s walls. Next week we start promoting our open positions and hopefully find our rock stars for retail and food/beverage in Frisco.

We’re working on updating our main website to fold Frisco messaging in the mix and also creating a new site for Heirloom Haul. We’re also taking over our studio for five straight days to work on product organization for the new store. The team is making tags daily to prep for all the new product too.

We’re working around the clock on everything from construction to creative. It’s a lot but so fun! Thanks for following along here and check back next week for more updates!


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