Shop Talk: Major Messes & Margaritas

Shop Talk: Major Messes & Margaritas

Frisco is moving full steam ahead y’all! And it’s so exciting I can barely sleep!

Daily last week I spent hours checking off to do’s from selecting back kitchen quarry tile to ordering bathroom wallpaper and patio chairs. Items are arriving daily and it’s all looking so beautiful together. It’s such a pretty mix of vintage, new, old and heirloom. Ahhhh I cannot wait to show you every little detail when we open this fall!



On Thursday I had a site visit with my general contractor and design team. They’re in the thick of framing and cutting out the concrete for plumbing throughout the space. It’s a total mess of beams, materials, dust and piles of rubble. But I love it because it means big time progress!




This week all of these giant holes should be filled back up and walls and sheetrock should start going up stat. During our meeting we talked through so many things coming up next from my barn door design and preferred tile patterns to upholstery count for custom millwork designs.

I’m spending all my hours (often in bed after work) buying everything I can online since I have very little time to shop during the day with everything else happening at Flea Style right now. As things arrive at our HQ I hold my breath that I will love and luckily so far I have had heart eyes for everything!!!



On Saturday my upholsterer came to the office to pick up a very vintage sofa that we’re re-designing with a cool mauve ikat fabric for Heirloom Haul. I’m so excited for this project! Although we have a full dining hall, I really want to create comfy areas for people to lounge and connect. I picture this being our iconic Central Perk sofa like in Friends!



Last week I toasted our Frisco store and restaurant with some of my team at The Star! These women have been so encouraging and supportive with our journey to this lease and location. It was so fun to finally cheers it all.

This week is huge! I’m approving countertops, shopping for all cabinet hardware, bringing some of my found objects to the job site that are being built into our design and so much more. Follow all the action in our Instagram stories and I’ll follow up here next week!


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