Shop Talk: Meet Our New Art Mural & Plant Bar!

Shop Talk: Meet Our New Art Mural & Plant Bar!

Last week was our biggest week of progress yet! Grace completed the art mural on our Deep Ellum Heirloom Haul space. It's amazing y'all!

The design is actually a funny story. For weeks -- maybe even months -- we had a completely different mural in mind. Originally the idea was built around the logo and creating a giant burst of rays and tiny stones that radiated positivity and happy vibes. It even had some inspiring words inside it.

I loved it and thought it was really on-brand with the logo and a fun play on words with "heirloom" and everything it means. But as the days got closer to install, I couldn't stop thinking about a giant rainbow in the space.


The problem was, I felt like a rainbow was trendy. And I'm the first to shy away from trends. But I loved the idea of creating something really universal, something that anybody could relate to and want to pose in front of. I also loved the idea that a rainbow is a dispersion of light, just like Heirloom's logo.

I knew we could make it feel Flea Style and not trendy with the right mix of magic. So Grace worked on a unique color way and adding details that are very Flea Style (see all of the tiny geometric doodles inside that are carried throughout our company's branding). The minute she showed me her sketch of my idea, I was hooked. She nailed it!

For four days, she stood on giant scaffolding to paint the giant 16-foot tall mural. It's a simple design but with that comes major precision, patience and attention to detail. We're so proud of her hard work and the giant burst of happiness we've added to the Deep Ellum art mural landscape!

Now that the mural is complete, we're actually working on our third wall! We plan to create one in Frisco and have already brainstormed some ideas to fold another fun masterpiece into the Flea Style brand for y'all to enjoy. Plan to pose in front of it later this summer!

In the meantime, you'll have to visit our Deep Ellum location to shop our plant bar! Hannah and I spent a day last week placing fixtures and ferns all over the place as we set the design for the back patio. I spent hours climbing the fence to hang chairs, decor and other fun finds to create a really unique backdrop for our plant lovers.

Today we will add the fixings for people to build their own potted plants at our DIY station. Lots of grab-and-go offerings will also be on site. The space is really fun and festive! We can't wait for you to see it starting Friday at our one year birthday bash all weekend!




Last week I spent nearly an entire day at The Star in Frisco. I met with my architects to go over the plans one last time before submitting them to our GC for bids and to the city for permits. We dug deep into everything from wall texture and light switch placements to tile application and floor plugs. It was a real whip but a crucial step to get construction going.

I am in love with the design and everything we have planned. I'm seriously giddy! Designing 6,200 square feet is totally overwhelming because there are so many directions I can take. But I've really stayed focused (the time crunch is a major inspiration) and feel confident we're creating something completely one-of-a-kind in retail. I do not know of another space like this in the world. I can't wait to unveil it to y'all!!!


In between these meetings and installs, I spent hours and hours figuring our finances, design selections, permit processes and so much more. And that's just regarding our new Frisco location. We have a ton going on in office from training new hires and gearing up for our birthday bash to creating custom product for Frisco and executing details for our Market at The Star event June 22nd.

Keep checking back here for more behind-the-scene scoop on it all!


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