Shop Talk: Menu Tasting & Cowboys Collection

Shop Talk: Menu Tasting & Cowboys Collection

Although we’re making progress daily on our new location, it often feels like teeny tiny victories (or major hiccups). But last week finally felt like we could break out the happy dance and celebrate some big steps in the right direction!

Starting with the menu tasting for Heirloom Haul. Our chef flew in from Southern California to unveil the first eight dishes we’ll be serving at both locations. It’s funny, as much planning as I’m packing away each day for our Frisco location and restaurant, the menu has been pretty low on my priority list. I approved it months ago and trust our consultant so much that I’ve moved on to other fires and to do’s trusting it would all turn out.

But the week of the tasting, I realized that I could completely dislike it — I’ve never met our chef in person — and be up a creek. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case (but more on that in a bit!).

Let’s start much earlier in the week, when we met about our Game Day collection for the Frisco store. On Wednesday we huddled with Sarah — the maker we enlisted to launch the Cowboys collab with — to see her first designs in the giant collection we’re creating (our goal is to have 300-plus pieces for our grand opening).

Everything turned out so great! From star studded vintage Levi’s jackets and patchwork flannels and camo to custom kids’ rompers and headbands, there is something for Cowboys fans of all sizes and ages.

We’ve been combing vintage stores for months collecting pieces to embellish or re-construct. We’ve also been working with the Cowboys to acquire new merchandise that we re-work to make one-of-a-kind items. It’s such a labor of love! And if you’re a Cowboys fan seeking unique game day apparel, you’re going to freak out of over these looks!


Pssst… Our rock star sales gals have been hand-cutting those denim stars daily. We’re personally cutting all denim shorts. The appliqués on the back of our jackets are individually sourced from vintage shops all over DFW. These items are totally unique and sooo special!

On Thursday I spent the afternoon at The Star. I had several meetings from an audio-visual powwow to run-of-show chats about Market at The Star, our giant outdoor pop up event this Saturday June 22nd.

I spent some time inside our new location to map out some selections I’ve recently snagged and also talk through logistics with some experts (our speaker layout, projection screen positioning, outdoor lighting). There are so many meetings right now to make sure this space is perfect.

Although there are so many things I can control, there are more out of my hands currently. Starting with the permitting process. We’re still waiting on the green light and daily making edits to the plans per the city’s request. Daily we’re having to tweak kitchen design items, appliance selections, MEP specs and lots of other things to meet code. But it looks like we’re inching our way to success any day. Stay tuned!


On the flip side, we had big success with our first Heirloom Haul menu tasting on Friday! Our chef flew in town to test-run eight items on the menu. He armed me and a couple friends I brought along with extensive note taking tools for criticism. Other than a couple minor things (add golden raisins to one salad, swap tarragon for chives on a sandwich) I literally wrote one-word notes next to each dish such as OMG and DELISH.

I was blown away by how delicious our simple sandwich and salad menu is. Every single thing is made from scratch down to our mayos, dressings and even signature heirloom tomato side salad marinade. And it makes such a difference! I’m so excited about this element of the business because I know it will bring a new demographic to our concept and also further connect our dedicated customers. Plus, our event business just got way more delicious with these catering offerings.

Attention to detail is the name of the game at HH. From packaging to unexpected touches (hope you like rosemary!), the presentation is as yummy as the bites. We’re not trying to be a fancy restaurant and we’re surely not trying to re-invent the lunch wheel. We’re just trying to serve delicious food in a beautiful space that is consistent, chic and comfortable. And we nailed it. (Pssst… I will share more photos here and there, but keeping them a little under wraps before we go to press about our full menu due to an overwhelming amount of inquiries right now.)

Get ready to eat at Heirloom Haul allllll the time y’all. I promise our designer grilled cheese (four very fancy varieties makes up the ooey gooey amazingness) is the best you’ll ever have. I’m still craving seconds…

And, don’t miss Market at The Star this Saturday June 22nd from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Check out our new Frisco home and 90+ amazing makers slinging handmade, vintage and unique lifestyle goods along the streets at The Star!


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