Shop Talk: New Windows, Fixtures & Bids

Shop Talk: New Windows, Fixtures & Bids

Patience is the name of the game right now for our Frisco store and restaurant. We’re plugging away daily on to do’s and tasks, but the permitting process is keeping construction at a standstill.

So while we wait for the green light from the city (say a prayer, y’all), we are doing what we can to move the needle on everything else from product development and design ideas to packaging and wall mural brainstorming.



Last week I spent a couple days knee deep in construction bids. We’re down to our final two bids and I’ve been going through every expense with a fine-tooth comb looking for ways to save money and time while creating the best product we possibly can.

I had multiple meetings and calls drilling down on price breakdowns, ways to cut costs (saved five digits on the lighting bill alone!) and restaurant stuff. I met with food suppliers, worked on our beverage program (tasting is this Friday!) and started mapping out fun details such as staff uniforms.



I’m currently interviewing candidates to manage the events program at our Dallas and Frisco locations. As I’ve been talking through the new — and much bigger — event space up North, I’ve been playing with the design to make it best perform for the Frisco customer.

Some big changes have been happening within our current staff roles, too. We’re digging into our org chart and defining roles more with the expected changes with a second location. It’s been a fun process to hire/promote within as our team is so energized and excited about the growth and new opportunities. I’m so thankful for my amazing team and all of the excitement they have for what’s ahead for Flea Style. It definitely keeps me jazzed when I have a down day or hit a major construction roadblock.



We did have some big changes at our Deep Ellum Heirloom Haul last week. Our new storefront windows arrived and were installed! They look so pretty. I can’t wait to tackle the inside of the building next. But first we will open Frisco, test the concept on a smaller scale and get our wiggles out there before we take on our second, much larger locale.



On Thursday Carolyn and I hit Canton for some fixtures and product for our stores and restaurants. We hit the jackpot! From vintage housewares to dressing room chairs and lights, we found so many things! The flea market trek was also a very welcomed break from all of the construction and company craziness lately.

I find that when I’m really stressed, tired or just needing a little inspiration, a trip to a far flung flea market (and really yummy bbq lunch) is just what I need to recharge.

I can’t wait to show y’all all the treasures we scooped up! We got so many! Ok, off to move around our Deep Ellum floor with the team to freshen things up for summer. Come see all the magic soon!


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