Shop Talk: Our Second Location & Patio Expansion

Shop Talk: Our Second Location & Patio Expansion

Here we go… again! It’s been a bit since I’ve been on the blog. We’ve been busy y’all! Daily we’re trying to manage growing gains and pains that range from on-boarding new vendors and employees to managing inventory, handling event inquiries and trying to run a restaurant (not for the faint of heart, believe us).

We’re honored and up for the challenge, but believe us when we say right now is absolutely crazy and unchartered waters for our small business. If you’ve visited our Frisco location, you’ve probably seen me tucked in the corner of Heirloom Haul typing away, on the phone or meeting with anybody from an employee, journalist, electrician… you name it. Each day I’m learning SO MUCH while trying to keep my head on — and smile bright. The struggle is real. But I’m so thankful for it all.

In case we weren’t challenged enough, I’ve added some more projects to the Flea Style and Heirloom Haul plates. Two of the biggest: Our second Heirloom Haul location (hello, Deep Ellum!) and a huge patio expansion at our Star in Frisco home.

I felt like y’all had to be looped into all the fun so it seemed fitting to bring back our Shop Talk series. Each Monday, I will document the latest scoop and behind-the-scenes photos detailing the design process, challenges, successes and FUN. We hope you’ll follow along and get to enjoy the final products soon! 


Last week I met with our restaurant consultant to start figuring out the evolution of our menu for downtown given we have more space and opportunity to create the concept of our dreams. I also met with the architect that I worked with on all of our other locations. Not only is he familiar with our companies’ layouts and vibes, but he’s very understanding — and celebratory! — of my crazy design ideas and curveballs. We work so well together and it’s always a fun process, which is so important when creatively collaborating with somebody that is also spending your money!

We toured the Heirloom Haul space and took measurements as well as talked through initial ideas I have big and small from a rooftop garden patio (major dream, not sure it can happen) to computer area mezzanine. I showed them a couple of the current fixtures I want to work into the space as well including donated banquets (loving saving some coin!) and fun light fixtures.

From here, I’m waiting on some bids as well as news from the structural engineer on what a rooftop addition looks like construction-wise and cost-wise. I’m also starting to shop for the space to find those found/funky fittings that make interiors unique but need to known early on so they’re calculated into the scope and don’t cause major headaches mid-way through the project. This is my favorite part — who doesn’t love to shop?! — so I’m enjoying squeezing some treasure hunting into my schedule right now.



One of my crazy ideas is this giant heirloom rose floral wall mural. If you know me, you know I adore wallpaper! I love how playful it can be in a space and also set a tone immediately. This oversized floral design is so Flea Style and Heirloom Haul from the colors to subject. It’s over 12 feet wide and tall so I bought it right away for the firm to plug into our design from the get go.


Another recent purchase for our design scope: This vintage camper cutie we named Dolly Parton! Our restaurants wouldn’t be Heirloom “Haul” without the haul, so I started shopping for our rock star trailer asap to figure out where she will live in our outside of the space. I didn’t have any strict perimeters other than she fit our brand and wasn’t too big.

I found this old Crown camper on Craigslist for a cool $800 and negotiated the owner down to $600! I hired a pal to pick her up and now she sits outside of our Deep Ellum space until we figure out her permanent home downtown either inside our out of the restaurant. She needs a lot of lipstick but we’re smitten with her cute curvy shape and worn patina!

Transporting her to Dallas was not easy but she finally arrived after a very long and bumpy journey and will be so loved by us and our customers forever and ever. I can’t wait to make her over soon!



Although we have our work cut out for us in Deep Ellum, we’re also knee-deep in some design updates in Frisco too. When we opened, we didn’t really touch the outdoor patio given it was winter. Also, to be totally honest, I just couldn’t focus on the giant project at the time (one thing at a time, right?).

But now that patio weather is around the corner, it’s time to finally knock this huge space out of the park and make it amazing for spring! I’m working with my friend Chris on an incredible pergola design to offer lots of shade as well as custom seating, planters and lounge areas. I’ve already purchased tons of furniture and accents from side tables to pillows. I head to Canton this week to hopefully snag some unique vintage pieces, too.



Items are arriving daily and the custom work is underway. I’m working with our Heirloom Haul manager on fun menu additions including a couple frozé recipes to serve refreshing sips all season! We’re so excited to unveil the pretty space and enjoy it with y’all from casual weekend hangs to private event goodness.

Keep checking back here weekly for more photos, updates and scoop!


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