Shop Talk: Permit Countdown + New Projects!

Shop Talk: Permit Countdown + New Projects!

I’ve been visiting the building often taking measurements and meeting with inspectors, workers, you name it. I’m also working around the clock to collect finishes and fixtures for our future home to keep the process rolling right along. This week I purchased some Moroccan tile for our kitchen backsplash and sourced some dreamy mint beveled 5×7 tiles for our studio space’s sink station.


Brittany Cobb inside Flea Style's Commerce Street building

Flea Style shop talk



Our bathrooms have to follow ADA standards, so sourcing pretty sinks was a bit of a challenge. This week my selection shipped and I’m pleasantly surprised by them! The curvy shape and wide size is actually really pretty and chic.

To funk them up a bit, I found a pretty aged brass faucet that’s simple but fits code and the single hole layout. Best of all they were a real steal! The finish should compliment our Moroccan bathroom sconces perfectly!

Flea Style shop talk


Flea Style shop talk



On Tuesday I met with Dallas vendor Jason Kreuzman to hammer out details to re-work some of our old wood pieces and pallets. We came up with some designs and ideas for turning some of these historic furnishings into functional items inside the studio and store.

He’s creating six kids’ tables for art camps and birthday parties out of vintage wood pallets the former building owners passed down to me from their printing business days. Jason will sand down the tops to make them safe and add legs and casters to the bottom for us to easily move them around the space.

We’re taking on my favorite antique work table and refinishing it to make it a showstopper inside the studio for adult workshops and parties. These pieces are already so gorgeous and special. I can’t wait to see what a little sweat, love and sanding will do to them!


Flea Style Commerce Street custom wood work



I’m slowly but surely firming up details to get the space in shape for its major — make that MAJOR — makeover! In office we’re working like mad to prep for all of the moving parts that will take place inside once we’re open.

From building workshop classes and price sheets to designing hang tags and shopping totes we have a lot on our plate! But we’re crazy excited and enjoying every single step. We are sooo stoked to show y’all what we’ve been working on this spring.

Keep following along in the meantime here!


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