Shop Talk: Plans, Plants & Paint

Shop Talk: Plans, Plants & Paint

Last week was a big one. We officially welcomed our Director of Operations, Kimberly Jones! I hired Kimberly to help us scale the business and to help me keep all the balls in the air as I'm being pulled in a million directions building the brand and our second location.

So lots of last week was spent training her on our processes, procedures and pain points. She's slowly but surely learning the inner workings here and already helping us button things up! I am so excited to have somebody helping me really steer the ship and allowing me to be more on top of the business instead of in the weeds.

Speaking of weeds, Hannah spent a day last week prepping our plant bar! We're transforming our Deep Ellum back patio into a lush green space with succulents, cacti, ferns and more for our plant lovers. We're so excited to finally launch this concept that we've had on the back burner for a year. Our intention is to test it here asap and include it in our Frisco location too.


Heirloom Haul is officially painted in Deep Ellum. The clean white hue instantly updated our second building.

Grace spent some time last week honing in on Heirloom Haul's logo placement on our Deep Ellum building. She plans to paint signage this week, weather-pending. I can't wait for y'all to see what we have planned for our art mural. Don't miss our one year anniversary party May 31-June 2nd to be the first to shoot in front of it!



Kimberly spent much of the week getting to know the team and the backend of our business and website. I'm so grateful to have her on board to free me up for Frisco planning and all the other things we already have on our plate.

A few things I tackled last week for our expansion: I had several calls about our Frisco layout and lighting plan. I had to make some tweaks either for budget reasons or city permitting reasons. But I feel like we've landed on a really solid space plan and am so excited to finally turn our design into the city for the green light.

I had a few calls with my consultant for the restaurant menu and flow. We also discussed our timeline (food tasting is June 15th!) and strategy for hiring. Most importantly, we talked over the beverage menu, dessert game plan (my hope is to only highlight local companies!) and got our TABC license rolling. I'm learning every single day about the restaurant business and am trying to prep myself best as possible for success.

I've had countless sleepless nights thinking about the restaurant's design. It's so important to me that the decor is as delicious as the menu. I've started to hone in on final selections (I'm obsessed with my chandeliers!) and am officially shopping for fixtures daily.

I can't wait for y'all to see it all. Less than three months until the big day if everything stays on track!



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