Shop Talk: Product Placement, Signage Install & Party Planning Time

Shop Talk: Product Placement, Signage Install & Party Planning Time

Last week was a whirlwind, but we got so much done! Every single piece of art is hung, speakers are wired, plants are potted and placed, product has been dropped and mannequins have been built and put in their perfect spot.

Thursday our distribution team started dropping roundtrip loads of product and Friday the buying team started to bring the hat bar to life with everything. We have a few new visual members on the team, so we made sure they were all there to learn our processes from how we set the tables to hat placement per style, size, etc.

I completed some final design tasks from hanging décor (love when I get to play with a power tool!) to fastening cabinet hardware and shopping and potting fig trees to bring that signature residential feel to our stores. 

This weekend, the team took a break from the stores, but our contractors worked on lighting and some punch list items. Allyson and I flew to California to hit the Long Beach flea market for some final special pieces for the grand opening.

We shopped for unique clothing pieces and lots of hat bar accents from ‘70s tie clips to antique brooches. She’s flying these pieces back to Texas today to prep and have on the floor for the opening while I stay in California for the week to enjoy my kids and let the team put the final touches on the store without me in their hair!


Photo of the ocean


This week we have lots to accomplish. New hires will start training and learning lots from styling direction to our registers, opening/closing tasks, and customer service do’s and don’ts.

The buying department and interns will be full steam ahead on setting product on racks and shelves, steaming items and organizing jewelry and home accents. My assistant McKenzie will be running all the little (but super big) things from locksmith install and wallpaper hanging to getting cameras set up.


Our marketing gang is heads down on the grand opening invite list, party details (hello, La Crema wine and swag bags!) and getting our press release circulated to media outlets. They’re also sending out newsletters about the opening and updating everything from our Google listings to web copy to reflect our new store location and info. 

Signage will start rolling out asap from small in-store table signs to wall vinyl reflecting fun quotes, departments, and pricing.

Once the wallpaper is hung – cannot wait to show y’all what I picked! – Carolyn will install her handmade decor and dress the mannequins to reflect our pre-fall campaign.



It’s going to be all hands-on deck this week so the store is set for opening week where we can clean, take photos, do final training and prep for the big opening.

I want to shout out to everyone working so hard to make this store beautiful and successful. I also want to give huge props to all our other team members and store leaders keeping everything else rocking and rolling while our corporate team is laser-focused on Galleria Dallas.

It takes all of us to balance the daily business needs and future growth and I’m beyond grateful for our amazing team that bands together near and far to make it happen every day.





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  • Matt

    It’s going to be amazing. Everything you do turns out so beautiful. Can’t wait to see the new store. Congrats.

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