Shop Talk: Store Install & Floor Set

Shop Talk: Store Install & Floor Set

It’s paint clothes and dirty hair — make that dirty everything — all day everyday right now. Y’all, I’m so physically exhausted I can hardly type this post. I used the power drill so much yesterday that the tips of my fingers are sore. Who know the tips of your fingers could get sore?!

BUT, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because with each ache, pain and filthy strand of hair I know we’re making progress inch-by-inch. And it feels like inch-by-inch, let me tell ya.

I had no clue how much work and time went into installing a store like ours. I’m used to interior design jobs that are meticulously planned out down to every single toothbrush. This job is different. Oh-so-different. Because we inherited most of our fixtures or the ones we purchased at flea markets have been in storage for months, we didn’t have them near us to really calculate the space plan or know their exact condition.

So, when items arrived in our space, it was a bit like Christmas morning opening up every single piece and seeing several for the first time. The pieces from the former owner’s printing business had been sitting in a warehouse for months and months and were filthy. Like four-inches thick of dust filth. We have had to hose them down, wipe them and then repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

The other unknown factor was just how heavy the fixtures were and their fair condition. So once they’ve been cleaned, we have had to use every muscle in our body to bring them in store and then every wire in our brains to imagine ways to reinvent them and make them safe for retail. Enter the hundreds of screws, L-brackets, anchors, hooks and every other tool to secure pieces to the wall and make them structurally sound.

I’ve been living with a drill in my hand either upside down under a table or in the air on a ladder. I’m so ready to sit at my desk again!


We’ve also had paint brushes living in our paws. Alyssa, Grace and our new retail manager Jessica have basically been painting everything on site from furniture and fixtures to mannequin bases and store signage. I have bought more than ten gallons of paint this week just for small projects here and there.

Grace has been tackling our giant 16-foot tall art mural on the east side of our building. She’s been a boss on the scaffolding sometimes 12-feet in the air painting in the 90-degree heat. It’s looking sooooo good. We can’t wait to show you the big reveal!!!


Other things we’ve been doing around the clock: Unpacking boxes. Organizing our e-commerce room (hello boxes, tape, bubble wrap and product). Framing, wiring and hanging art. Wallpapering old fixtures. Accepting product from vendors. Tagging product. Designing product. Placing furniture. Hooking up all of our electronics. Training new hires. Wiring lights. Hanging lights. Building rolling racks. Hammering out grand opening details. Closing utilities in the old office. Canceling storage units. Ordering dumpsters. And the list goes on and on and on…


I feel like I’m venting a bit in this post — because I’ve never been this beat, y’all — but that said, I’m so happy. I’m living out a dream I’ve had for a very long time and it’s surreal and amazing. I’m also beyond proud of my team. They are working their tails off to pull this thing together with me in mere weeks. A project of this size really should take about three months. And they’re doing it with smiles on their faces and joy. I am so grateful for each one of them and cannot wait for this next chapter for us all. We will be so proud walking into this space each day knowing we built this bad boy from the ground up and literally put it together with our imaginations, hands and love for this company and what we stand for.



We are so excited for June to get here and open this beautiful space for y’all to see! Our grand opening to the public is Saturday June 2nd from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. We hope to see you next month!


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