Shop Talk: Tile, Baseboards & Primer Time!

Shop Talk: Tile, Baseboards & Primer Time!

This week is when things are finally starting to get fun at the new store and studio! After months of pulling hair over permits and tedious prep work, we’re finally seeing some major action at our HQ!

Tile work started Wednesday! The studio’s sink area is now complete with a pretty matte mint oversized 5×7 beveled subway style. We love how it turned out! Now kids — and adults! — can get as messy as they want when washing up their art projects, craft supplies and workshop materials since the area can literally be hosed down. We designed it that way to be hassle free and low maintenance.

The entry tile started yesterday. We’re out of town in Houston so we haven’t seen it in person but by pics from our general contractor it looks like a dream. Last week I learned that the concrete tile I purchased couldn’t be used on our entry floor so I had to scramble to find a replacement. I’ve always adored penny round tiles and found an ivory style with an ombre gray edge that coordinated perfectly with the concrete Moroccan tiles. I think the change order will turn out to be a happy accident. Really excited to see the mix of tiles, colors and shapes in person on Sunday when we roll back in town!


The building is fully primed and painting is underway! Just a fresh coat of white primer already makes the building look so updated and restored. I finally landed on a green paint for the front doors that I’m thrilled with. I will share it once it’s up and I’m 100-percent sure it’s a winner.

Alongside the big strides, lots of other little moments are in motion, too. Our baseboards started going in this week. We chose a tall six inch style to stand up to our soaring ceilings. They look amazing! Our front window display is being built. We designed an old-school window display to highlight vendors, products and harken back to the days when window dressing was a big brand extension and highlight to the store experience. We’re really excited to make these pure magic every month!

 Our windows are about 100-percent installed. That poor installer! The work is simply tedious installing every single window by hand in the 100-plus year old metal framework. Several pieces have cracked mid-process because the installation is so motion sensitive. The good news? They look stunning! They are definitely a focal point of the store. Just wait until you see them in person!

 Per usual with construction, lots of little hiccups have bubbled up recently. So I’ve been on site daily putting out tiny fires, making quick decisions, pivoting on a design decisions and pondering ways to rob a bank to pay for things I want to change or add! And I’ve been up ’til the wee hours every night making last minute purchases from patio lights and battery operated exit signs to trash cans and flood spot lights for displays.

I can’t wait to report back next week with more updates and hopefully some exterior paint photos! We’re still on track to open early June so save the date y’all!

P.S. If you’re in the Houston area come see us tomorrow at Silver Street Studios located at 2000 Edwards Street from 9-5!

Talk soon!

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This post is in loving memory of Ralph Shultz -- the greatest grandpa a girl could ever know -- and the man who taught me so much, especially how to handle a tool box like a boss and love all things handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind.

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