Shop Talk: Tile, Chardonnay + Coffee Time

Shop Talk: Tile, Chardonnay + Coffee Time

On Friday I got some pretty exciting news: We have been issued a permit! However, it’s with conditions so we’re still not entirely in the clear but at least we can move forward with our initial construction work. Yeah!!!

Leading up to the news, I spent most of the week working on all things “Mission: Let’s Get This Freaking Permit” from revising selections triggering health code issues to coordinating communication between all of the teams involved in the project. Although most of my week on this segment of Flea Style was digital communication, I did get a few fun things accomplished too!



On Monday my friend Cale brought me some amazing tile from a job he’s working on (they were just going to throw it away!). I’m so obsessed and think the backsplash will be perfect for our corporate kitchen area.

On Wednesday, I had a big coffee meeting. Just when I thought I had selected our coffee purveyor, another company contacted me and urged me to hold off and meet with them. They actually came in town the next day to talk through their selections, processes, machines, training program and so much more. I have to say, they definitely made me re-think my decision. I haven’t finalized my direction yet, but this definitely threw a wrench in things and has me completely re-thinking our coffee and tea program. Stay tuned…

Speaking of beverages, our wine rep also brought by some more selections to try. I loved both so I think we’re getting pretty close to finalizing our vino menu!



Also on Wednesday, this fun article in the Dallas Morning News went live about Heirloom Haul! We’re so honored to be included in this piece about the comeback of tea sandwiches and services.

Heirloom Haul is my biggest priority right now for Frisco. Last week Grace and I took a deep dive into the menu design and layout and even the ways signage will be displayed throughout the eatery. We talked to go packaging, stickers and even staff uniforms! We’re having so much fun dreaming up ways to make this restaurant beautiful, unique and so Flea Style.

Last night I spent several hours after the kids went to bed just scrolling online for fixtures, furniture pieces and even fabric. I bought some beautiful ikat upholstery for a vintage sofa that I’ve been itching to redo for the dining hall area. I’m chomping at the bit to really dive into the design process. Since I have no place to store all of the fixtures needed, I’m waiting until they can just directly land in the space but it’s taking everything inside me not to shop like crazy!

This week hopefully we start making some big progress on initial construction work. I have a second menu tasting on Thursday with our chef who is flying in from Southern California. I’m finalizing our catering menu for Grace to design and starting to design the outdoor patio and collaborate with Grace on our Frisco art mural. We’re building the backend of our POS system for the store and finalizing job application forms to push live August 1st. Daily we’re taking vendor submissions for both stores, but especially Frisco since we have so much space to fill.

I really hope next week when I report back I have tons to tell you. Say a prayer for us, y’all!


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