Shop Talk: Tile, Tea & Tons of Change Orders

Shop Talk: Tile, Tea & Tons of Change Orders

Last week was the hardest week of this process so far. It was also one of the most productive. Honestly, it’s a bit of a haze…

It started with a big meeting on Tuesday with my restaurant consultant. Jason and I met on site for the first time since breaking ground to walk the space and check on things. Thank goodness we did!

While there, he found that there were several plumbing placement (or lack thereof) issues. Basically, earlier this summer the health department and city of Frisco redlined lots of things on our initial blueprints — which is very common — but the updated plans somehow never landed in the hands of our contractor. So they were laying plumbing per old plans — that would not pass with the city! (Enter lots of wine, curse words and sleepless nights here…)



Thank goodness we caught these change orders when we did. But, still, they’re costly both in time and money. We’re currently working through options to make it all work while not breaking the bank. I can’t even really talk about it it’s so frustrating… So let’s talk fun stuff. Like tile!

On Wednesday all of my tile arrived on site! In total, over 10,000 pounds of ceramic, concrete and mirror tile landed in the space. I’m so excited about our selections and cannot wait to see them installed — especially the gorgeous black and white Riad Tile style I scored below.



On Thursday I hauled most of our decorative lighting to the space for the electrician to see what we’re working with. We pulled out each fixture to lay out where they go, how they get wired and the desired heights. I scheduled all of the retail lighting to be delivered this week so all lights should start getting installed asap starting with can lights in our dropped ceiling portions.



Outside of the awful plumbing hiccups, Jason and I had a blast Thursday on site. It was so fun giving him a tour of the space and all of the plans we have in place. We talked through the customer experience and how they will move throughout the space from ordering to exiting.

We ate lunch at The Star to test other salads and sandwiches in the shopping district (we’re totally partial, but think ours are best)! We even snuck in a martini to toast Heirloom Haul and try to enjoy the process, which has been extremely stressful given our quick timeline and all of the challenges we’ve faced.

After lunch, we shot over to Sysco down the road to shop all of our packaging for the restaurant. From to-go boxes and cutlery to paper tray liners and bags, we selected everything. It was totally overwhelming — so many choices! — but I feel really good about the materials, colors and options we went with from the gut. It’s going to be great! If you overthink things, decisions don’t get made.



On Friday I spent lots of hours on Heirloom Haul given the change order news. Most were spent on email working through next steps with the team. I also marinated over laminate cabinet samples. I still haven’t selected a color but am getting close! I did, however, approve final cabinet drawings and paint samples.

I also had an interview with the Dallas Morning News about our Frisco location for the business section. It was a really nice hour to take a break from the drama and bad news and enjoy the the journey a bit reflecting on the past ten years in business and where we’re going.





Some fun deliveries also arrived Friday. Two of my faves: Our aged brass and lucite bar carts and vintage style tea trays for Heirloom Haul! They’re simple but so pretty and will add the perfect vintage-meets-modern tea room vibe to the space.

This week is crazy for Frisco. For one, our giant outdoor pop up Market at The Star is this Saturday so we’re in mad dash mode to pull it together and make it amazing. There are also lots of things happening in the space that I need to handle from the Pepsi machine installation meeting to tons of selection approvals like kitchen swing doors and bathroom hardware.

Yesterday we had our first Heirloom Haul photo shoot to create content for our website until we open and have the actual space to capture. To be honest, I wanted to cancel it multiple times because there is just so much on my plate right now. And then, our in-house photographer landed in the hospital (lucky she’s fine).

But we called our friend Nick and pushed forward on our plans. I’m so glad we did! The images are absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t pre-plan anything. I just pulled all of the special bits and pieces I’ve been collecting over time for the space: old china, aged tea pots, chippy saucers, old linens from Canton, milk glass vases. I grabbed two dozen roses and some sprigs of rosemary on my way into the office and just kinda figured everything would work itself out because the food is so yummy and pretty.

You know what? It was beyond my wildest dreams. Jason came on site and prepared about six dishes on the spot. I grabbed the iron and started prepping some staged areas from linens to layering the heirlooms I have collected. We pumped up the music, let our hair down and just had fun. And magic happened!

The images are effortless, fun, beautiful and so us. This was such a reminder that if you just stay true to your roots, anchor yourself in authenticity and don’t sweat the small stuff, it translates and looks the most original and beautiful. I cannot wait to share them with you soon. Grace is starting to work on the site this week for our initial launch.

I’m closing up my computer now to head up to Frisco for meetings. Keep watching our stories to follow all of the fun (and headaches) and save the date to come see it all this Saturday at Market at The Star if you’re in town!


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