Shop Talk: Watch Us Grow!

Shop Talk: Watch Us Grow!

Last Saturday, our Deep Ellum store turned one! To celebrate, we had a huge weekend sale and unveiled our new plant bar on the back patio. The lush green space turned out really cute, although it was a very messy final few days as we installed the finishing touches.



The day we planned to plant all the pots and wrap up our install, a giant storm swept through Dallas (like buckets of water, hail and tornado warnings kinda storm) and the patio flooded. Not only did we get drenched, but we had to change some design ideas as we saw how water could dampen our design during heavy rains. I also had to miss shopping Canton the following day to stay back for round two...

So the next day once things dried out, we re-hung things, mopped up puddles and got back to putting the final touches on the space. It turned out really cute and shoppers loved it all weekend! It's a really unique DIY plant bar. Not only are our pots and planters really unusual (they're either from flea markets, handmade by our vendors or a vintage find from our collectors), but the planting process is really one-of-a-kind.

We took a vintage three-compartment sink from the old soup kitchen that occupied our second building and turned it into the potting station. So once you select your planter and succulents, you take them to the giant sink and add soil from one basin and rocks or sand to top your creation from another basin. When you're done, you can add extra embellishments from seashells to crystals to complete your unique creation.



Not only did we want to roll out the plant bar as part of our one-year celebration, but we also plan to bring it inside our Frisco location and wanted to test it for a couple months to know best practices for our second home. I think Frisco will flip for the plant bar and already have lots of ideas for the next one!



While Hannah and I installed the plant bar, Grace painted the logo on the side of the building last Thursday. It's beautiful and adds such a fun touch to our HQ! I love the simplicity of the mural and logo. Don't miss it next time you're at our Deep Ellum locale!



On Thursday I brought in the plants for people to pot and set the final touches. Per usual, we didn't buy new fixtures for display, but upcycled items we already had in storage from flea markets and old furniture pieces.

We took old drawers and flipped them to create platforms for plants. We used an old ironing board as a table for the accent station where people grab-and-go seashells and crystals. We used old buckets to pot mosquito-repelling rosemary and even took a vintage broken chair and planted it with ferns for a fun lush greenery moment. The eclectic, imaginative mix is really unique. Definitely come check it out next time you're in Dallas!



We've had lots of changes in the office lately. Tuesday was Alyssa's last day. She's now pursuing photography full time and we're thrilled for her. Grace's last day in office was Friday; she will now be working for Flea Style from Chicago to spend time with her family. Although she'll be missed day-to-day in the office, we're pumped she's still on our team from afar.

I wish I could say there are lots of changes with our Frisco location but right now we're in the waiting phase. The plans are currently out to bid with several general contracting firms. Once we get those numbers back, we can select our dream team and get to work. We're also waiting on the permit to green light construction.

There has been some progress on the backend, however. We set a date mid June for Heirloom Haul's menu tasting (that will be FUN) with the chef who is flying in from California for it. We're currently interviewing candidates for our events coordinator position that will work heavily on events for the Frisco studio space. We're building lots of processes, policies and procedures for scaling from employee handbook updates to opening/closing documents for sales staff and vendor agreements. We're also working on product for the new store from custom creations to selecting vendors we think will work well in Frisco.

I'm currently typing this from Hawaii. I'm here with my family for a week to celebrate my mom's birthday with my entire family. Although I'm still working remotely here and there, I'm really looking forward to time off with loved ones and recharging my batteries before I come back to town and go full-steam ahead on this project.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Aloha!

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