Shop Talk: We Scored, Y’all!

Shop Talk: We Scored, Y’all!

So much has happened since my last post! Friday, I spent part of the day with our fall intern unpacking boxes, washing clothes, hanging clothing, taking inventory and moving decor all over the place. I’ve also made about 1,000 trips to Wal-Mart and Home Depot to scoop up stuff we need from cleaning supplies and storage racks to random tools.

Back at our Dallas HQ, custom products have been rolling in daily. We ordered some fun “It’s Game Day Y’all” items including mugs, koozies, stickers and even fan foam fingers. Our team has also been crafting away on custom tees, flannels and sweatshirts to build up our product assortment. Daily, we’re loading up our cargo van and transporting the cool goods to the new store.


On Saturday, I spent some time at home finding unique items to decorate the store that are meaningful to me. I uncovered some old family sports photos and postcards that will be fun randomly placed on displays. I also found some cool accessories from vintage books to wood trays that will work into the space nicely while saving us costs, too.

On Sunday, my game day fairy godmother was following me around town! I spent the afternoon shopping for fun sports gear and memorabilia and found everything from a University of Arizona megaphone and beautiful old band instruments to a massive stadium blue and yellow scoreboard. I’ve been hoping to find that special something to make the space sing, and this life-size fixture is exactly what I was hoping for!


Yesterday I spent some time with Hannah washing more product, organizing merch by team, cataloging what we have/still need and making a lots of lists from things we want to find for the floor to supplies we’re still lacking. We’re pulling this store together so quickly (um, four weeks total, let’s not forget!) that it’s all a whirlwind and we’re constantly trying to play catchup while also plan ahead. We also knocked out some big to do’s from installing the alarm with ADT to mapping out store signage for Grace to design and install next week.

Today we have most of our team in the store doing 1,000,001 things. Grace is measuring signage to window casings to figure out scale for vinyl’s and signage that we create in house. Hannah and Katie are moving inventory in our POS system, building listings and tagging 100’s of items. Erin — our new Frisco assistant manager — is shifting focus to Game Day Style to help with some creative projects from decoupaging furniture to planting. We even have our Heirloom Haul servers making tags (we make them 100-percent by hand) during any downtime in the restaurant. Kimberly is behind-the-scenes ordering supplies, appliances and setting up utilities.

Basically, we’re all working around the clock between all companies to pull the Game Day Style space together with nine days to go! 

From building floor mirrors and breaking down boxes to ordering dressing room draperies and hiring new employees, I’m doing the tiniest of tasks to big picture things. We’re working as a team to build this business and store from the ground up at a knee-jerk pace and I’m so proud of everyone’s hard work, enthusiasm and creativity in the process, which can be very stressful at times.

I say it daily, but I have the best team ever. They believe in our mission and my crazy ideas and charge ahead with a smile on their faces to make it all happen for our small business and all the others that we champion. And, don’t forget, while also running all of the other things we do from our Flea Style stores to restaurant.

I tell them daily that this is the good part of our story. The fun stuff. The memories we’ll look back on fondly and reminisce about. I’m so grateful for these opportunities for all of us — mid-pandemic no less. We don’t take any of it for granted and are so thankful for all of you following the process and being a huge reason why we do it.

We can’t wait to open our new store’s doors next week and to show you all the amazing things we’ve been working on. It’s so freaking cool y’all!


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