Shop Talk: We’ve Officially Entered Crunch Time!

Shop Talk: We’ve Officially Entered Crunch Time!

That headlines says it all. We’ve officially crossed the threshold from crazy mode to crunch time with less than three weeks until we open our doors! Cue the sleepless nights and stress eating.

Last week was definitely my busiest yet. On Monday, Jason and I visited a local coffee supplier to feel out their coffee and tea program. For months, I was going a different direction but I stumbled upon this brand during a mother-daughter manicure session of all places and loved the flavor so much! I’m a huge coffee drinker and it was so delicious. When I learned it was based up the street, I knew I needed to check it out before I made a final decision.

We met with the founder and team and fell in love. From their grassroots story to local roasting facility and delicious selections, it was a no-brainer this was our brand. We spent hours with them tasting selections, touring the HQ, talking through equipment and selecting our beans. I’m so excited to serve this special small biz; get ready to enjoy tons of Eiland Coffee y’all!




On Tuesday, I spent hours on site. Jason and I had a kitchen walk-through to make sure plumbing was all good for our final coffee system. We walked through the Pepsi machine logistics, ice maker needs and lots of other appliance needs/questions.

The restaurant and break room kitchen counters were installed and look amazing! I went with a creamy quartz with really pretty gold and gray marbling. They’re so classic and beautiful. Jason and I worked with the installer to cut holes for all of the cords a kitchen needs (who knew there were so many?!).

From there, we went down the street to our food supplier for our charcuterie, cheese, milk and coffee syrup tasting. This tasting was so up my alley (although all of these food meetings have me packing an extra five pounds and counting)! We’re keeping our menu really simple to start so we just picked a few of everything. We’re also adding a lot of local elements. For our shared plates, the pickles, nuts and sweets will all be from Dallas-based small businesses!



I was back at the space Wednesday for a lighting meeting to hang all of Heirloom Haul’s fixtures the way I wanted them. The electrician put them all at the same height and I wanted them all different to create a fun pattern play. It looks lots of back and forth from the ground and scissor lift, but it turned out so fun and pretty in the end! After this meeting I plugged in at the Omni at The Star to tackle tons of emails that included approving our coffee sleeve designs, grand opening invite and to-go packaging stickers.



Thursday I was back at the space again! Seriously, I’ve never filled my gas tank so often! At our weekly meeting we went over everything from appliance lead times, plumbing install details and paint questions to how I want my cabinet hardware installed and final necessary change orders. We also talked final timeline and how we’re going to crank things up to get our CO and meet our November 8th grand opening date.

Our banquets also arrived! I was freaking out over how amazing they turned out! I love the mix of outdoor fabrics, golden colors and patterns. They’re so perfect — and us!



Between all of these on-site meetings, I’m spending nearly every second of my work day on this project. Hiring our manager, returning tile, buying extra paint, scheduling wallpaper installers, ordering final appliances and scrambling for last-minute supplies needed were just a few things on my plate last week.

I’m also in the thick of setting up all of our accounts for food, coffee, wine, etc. so our manager can order weekly. Speaking of our manager, she started training full time on Wednesday. This week we will start hiring kitchen staff…



This week will be even more intense than last as I pull the trigger on all the final things we need. I’ve been waiting so they can directly ship to the site once I’m there full time to receive and avoid hauling them all up to the store. So from glassware and to-go packaging to fixtures, some furniture and office supplies, I will be buying all the things this week!

I will try to put as much of the madness on Instagram stories so follow us at @fleastyle and @heirloomhaul to see some of the fun!


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