Shop Talk: Wins, Wines & Whines

Shop Talk: Wins, Wines & Whines

This week was a huge step in the right direction towards breaking ground in Frisco once and for all! On Friday I met with my team at The Star to interview general contractor candidates and talk through final tweaks in our plans to pass code inspection with the city.

Our meetings went really well and we’re all on the same page: Let’s get this party started already! If all goes as planned, the job site should open up by next week and work should commence asap! YAYYY!!!



Although we’ve been at a standstill permit-wise, I have been plugging away on all other things I can to keep the ship sailing. One really fun thing that arrived this week was our restaurant floor tile. We are so obsessed with this Riad Tile selection!

It’s a chalky black and white burst design that is so perfect for not only the vibe and color palette I have planned for our restaurant concepts, but also a fun play on our radiant burst logo. I know our customers are going to LOVE these floors! They make such a statement yet have an old school, classic quality too. I just adore them and the local family behind this amazing tile company!



After my meetings at Blue Star to talk blueprints, I headed over to our space to take some measurements. We’re playing with a fun exterior wall element on our patio that I needed to scope out. That’s me standing in front of our future patio doors that will lead straight into Heirloom Haul’s dining room.

Although I’m quite nervous about owning restaurants, designing them makes me giddy! I have some commercial design learning curves ahead, but I’m having so much fun playing with all the materials to make this space unique, fun and delicious. It’s truly a dream project for me!



A major highlight last week was our second Heirloom Haul wine tasting. I found a couple great additions to our current mix including a rose and pinot noir. These happen to be two of my favorite wines, so I was really picky on the selections. I love them both so much (the bottles aren’t shabby either!).

I could get used to these late afternoon tastings; especially after a day full of accounting and spreadsheets like the day this tasting fell on… Instead of going with a huge distributor we’re working with a local small business that has only a handful of little labels. It’s been really fun to work with them and I love the fact that we’re both little local companies partnering together. It feels so right for Flea Style and everything we stand for.



There are always curveballs with the construction process. But Monday was my biggest yet: We found out our permit was denied because it was lacking a Texas Food Manger Certificate. Of course I had no clue what this was (or that it was even necessary). Well, turns out, since I don’t have a manger yet I needed to take this test and get the paperwork asap to push our permit forward.

Of course this news fell on a Monday — after a holiday weekend. So after a very long day of catchups, meetings and other typical Monday stuff I headed home to have dinner with my family and then parked it at a local coffee shop until the wee hours to plug away at the 10-course exam.

Let’s be clear: I know nothing about the food industry — and I know absolutely nothing about health code and rules/regulations. So there was no phoning this thing in.

Y’all, this test was intense! Let’s just say I now know more about cockroaches, flies, sanitization and chemical hazards then I ever wanted to. But, after a very long 24 hours I passed and let out the loudest scream ever in the office when I got the good news.

So, now I can add Texas Food Manager to my long, odd resume — and our plans are officially buttoned up and expected to pass permit any moment.



Back at the store, this was a really big week for us. For one, Kimberly and I sat down and thoughtfully created an organizational chart for the company. As we scale, I needed to really drill down on every person’s role at Flea Style and see where we needed to make changes, open up jobs and expect to hire in the future as needed or when we can.

This was such a big moment for me. It really opened my eyes to both how far we’ve come over the past couple years, how much the company has changed in the last couple months and how big we plan to build this thing over the next two quarters. After really finding the org chart that felt right for us, I had to make some big decisions starting with shifting some roles around internally with our current staff and beefing up some part-time roles to full time. From there, I figured out my next hire and we’re sending an offer to somebody today!

From there, we started building out job descriptions for our Frisco store and will work on Heirloom Haul next. It’s dizzying to think that our team will more than double in less than two months. I feel a lot of pressure to make sure we keep our company culture in tact with such fast growth. With everything else on my plate, I’m trying to figure out how to balance it all while still getting all the things needed done and have a personal life.

It’s a lot, but I love it. I feel so fortunate to be in this position and do not take it for granted. The hardest part as everything grows is trying to stay small at heart yet grow a brand that needs me more and more off the details and day-to-day. Doing the best I can, but man is it a tricky thing!

Good news is, I’ve brought on the best team ever. We had two record 2019 retail days this week — in the thick of Dallas summer! I am so proud of the people we have in place that are so energized to build this brand with me and to bring y’all unique goods from amazing small businesses we believe in.

Thank you for supporting our mission and making this all possible. Cannot wait to toast y’all at our Frisco grand opening soon!!!


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