Shopper Spotlight: Cynthia Rojas

Shopper Spotlight: Cynthia Rojas

Meet Cynthia Rojas a high school teacher by day that moonlights as a lifestyle blogger. The 27-year old Dallas native is a regular fixture in our store, and we love her comfy-chic style that favors muted tones, lots of denim and an unexpected pop from a bright shoe to tummy-bearing top.

"I love putting together outfits that are on-trend, classy, affordable and super unique," she says. "After renovating an entire house with my husband, I realized I had a huge connection to the interior design world."

Learn more about Cynthia's love for vintage fashion and decor and how she incorporates these pieces into her day-to-day. Pssst... Her blush dress and denim jacket below are both from our store! 


How do you incorporate vintage or handmade items into your wardrobe?

When I shop handmade or vintage, I look for unique items I feel a connection to. The idea is that I will never ever throw it out of my closet. Some people might go thrift shopping for denim, but I usually look for a blouse or a skirt that I can pair with something new. I also pay attention to the fabric of the items. The patterns and colors say a lot about that particular piece and if I like the colors/patterns, I know I'll easily find a way to pair it with something in my closet.

Why do you love vintage pieces? 

I love the feel of a vintage item and how unique it looks paired with a regular piece. I've noticed I get the most compliments on my outfit when I wear something vintage -- it must be the overall vibe of the piece paired with everything else. I also love that a vintage item belonged to someone else and it has a history. If the item is still in good condition, I imagine it belonged to someone that appreciated fashion as much as I do and I love that feeling.



Why do you love shopping at Flea Style?

I love Flea Style because I can find a little bit of everything: clothes, accessories and even things for my house! I love that everything feels handpicked and that every single item belongs in this store. I really wish I had all the money in the world, because I would take a little bit of everything from Flea Style.



Do you have a style icon? 

Yes, influencer Brittany Xavier is my style icon. I love how edgy and unique her style is. She always puts a spin on whatever trend she's following and I love it! That's what fashion is all about!

How would you describe your style in three words?

Edgy. Classy. Unique.




What would you save if your closet was on fire?

I would save my wedding shoes! They're gold Jimmy Choo heels and I imagine keeping them forever so I can pass them down to family in the future.


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