Shopper Spotlight: Morgan Huitt

Shopper Spotlight: Morgan Huitt

Morgan Huitt has a very special place in our founder's heart. For years, they've built their businesses side-by-side and have worked together on tons of projects. Morgan -- along with her husband Todd -- owns Finesse Delivery, a Dallas moving and installation company. Brittany used them in her former life as an interior designer around-the-clock and even still taps them to help install our store moves to giant pop-up events.

Over the years, Morgan has folded into the Flea Style family not only as a business resource, but as a store and show regular. From Mexican ponchos and felt hats to bohemian blouses, she has collected tons of unique finds from our company and rocks them in her one-of-a-kind, wanderlust, cowgirl way.

Get to know Morgan -- a budding blogger and Instagram influencer -- a bit below!




Our company, Finesse Delivery, has worked with Brittany for several years. We worked with her on interior design jobs all over the country, have assisted with set up for Flea Style shows and even installed the Deep Ellum store when it opened last year. I have loved watching her accomplish everything she has with Flea Style and am always inspired by her talent and hard work.

You're a business owner by day, and fashion influencer when away from the office rocking unique vintage-loving looks. How do you incorporate vintage or handmade items into your wardrobe?

I love mixing things up! You can never go wrong with adding one-of-a-kind pieces (vintage are my fave!) into your wardrobe. It always brings that extra flair into any outfit and allows you to be different and express your style.



Why do you love vintage clothes and accessories? 

I love vintage items because you know when you walk into a room that you will be the only one rocking that particular piece! I’m also all about the makers who work hard to make one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. Being a small business owner myself, I love supporting collectors and makers.

No wonder you're a Flea Style fan! We're cut from the same cloth. Favorite thing about visiting us?

I love when I walk into the store or a show that I’m going to find pieces I can’t anywhere else. I love the atmosphere and the vibes the store puts off every time I’m there. I also can’t forget about the woman behind Flea Style and how much I support her vision and everything she’s done to make it what it is today.



Do you have a style icon?

I don’t have one particular icon, but I find inspiration from fellow bloggers and Pinterest based on different types of styles. My style is so all over the place I pull different pieces I love from different style icons.

How would you describe your style in three words?

Fun. Boho. Western.

What would you save if your closet was on fire?

My custom hats! They are hands down my favorite thing I own including my Travis Austin piece from Flea Style!


Isn't Morgan's style amazing? Follow her on Instagram at @boho_mo1987. Shop our store just like Morgan for unique handmade and vintage finds! We’re located at 3009 Commerce Street in Deep Ellum and open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.



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