10 Reasons To Visit The Bar

10 Reasons To Visit The Bar

Have you heard the news? Flea Style Frisco is launching a new interactive concept in our front room called The Bar. This space was curated by Brittany, our CEO, and wonder woman of all things design. This has been a project she has wanted to tackle for years, and she finally dreamed up the perfect plans and went for it.

The team has been hard at work making this vision come to life, and we open our doors to our amazing customers THIS Friday (1/15)! We are throwing a party from 4pm-6pm with free champs and free gifts with purchase.

10 Reasons To Visit The Bar

1. Multiple Bars In One

The Bar features a hat bar, denim bar, bandana bar, and plant bar all in one! The room may be small, but you will be shocked how many gems we fit into it.

2. Create Something That Matches Your Unique Style

We have something for everyone at The Bar. Grab a hat and build a piece that matches your unique style. Choose custom denim bleached by our team. Pick from pre-assembled plants or pot your own. Search through vintage scarves to pair with your hat or denim or rock it on its own.

3. Support Small And Local Vendors

Flea Style has always been about supporting makers and small/local businesses and The Bar is no exception. Find vendor goods sprinkled throughout the store and when you purchase their goods, we promise they will do a happy dance!

4.  One-Of-A-Kind Hats & Denim

No matter what you pick, it will be one-of-a-kind! For the hats, the customization options are endless and you are sure to walk out of Flea Style with a hat completely unique to you. Our custom denim is reimagined by our team and each is different.

5. The Bar Has Its Own Bartender

What kind of bar would it be without its own bartender? The Bar will always have a Bartender ready to help you make your vision come to life. Our visual merchandisers love assisting our customers and sending them out the door with smiles.

6. It's Hands-On

Make it a girl's night! We will have ready-to-go hats, denim and plants but you will also have the option to create something totally unique to you! Make your dreams come true

7. A Different Kind Of Happy Hour

You don't have to worry about a hangover when you leave this bar and you don't have to be 21+! Although, we will have plenty of booze for our of-age customers! Grab a signature cocktail from Heirloom Haul while you shop or a yummy latte.

8. An Experience Unlike Any Other

The Bar is completely curated by our CEO. Every single item in The Bar has a story. Stay tuned for a separate blog for all the personal touches Britt added to The Bar, and also for a Q&A/Tour on IG saved to highlights.

9. Inquire About Private Events

One of our favorite parts about The Bar is that it can be folded into our private events in such a special way! Stay tuned for more details as we finalize the logistics.

10. The Perfect Gift To Give

Know someone who would love The Bar? Gift them a special gift card they can use to build the hat of their dreams, find the perfect piece of reimagined denim, a fun plant, or a bandana. There is something for everyone and it is a great universal gift option!

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