Three Vintage Fashion Staples Every Girl Needs

Three Vintage Fashion Staples Every Girl Needs

We love to wear something vintage everyday. But we're not the type to drip ourselves in it head to toe. We like to wear it with a mix of new threads and items priced -- and sourced -- high and low.

That said, we do believe there are certain throwback threads that should be in every gal's closet that wants an eclectic look that is individual and cool. We can think of about ten, but we're starting small and totally tangible.

Here are three things that you can easily collect and wear every season and for years to come.



Denim is the easiest vintage piece to add to your wardrobe. It ages beautifully and has the effortless vibe -- and true broken in comfort -- that current denim struggles to achieve. Everyone has denim in their closet - now it's just time to sneak in a vintage jean staple or two to round out your wardrobe.

From the perfect relaxed pair of Levi's to a flattering duster or coat, you really can't go wrong with your vintage denim piece of choice. Here are our current favorites from our online shop!


[gallery size="full" columns="2" ids="18553,18555"]


Oversized Denim Drawstring Jacket - $38Vintage Levi's Denim Vest - $24




Vintage Long Denim Jacket - $39



You'll never regret buying a vintage dress that fits you like a glove. Look for a statement dress, something that stands out from your LBD's and trendy Target stash. We love dresses with bold patterns, interesting buttons or fun shapes that make it clear it's not from Nordstrom's latest sale.

Bonus: If you find one with a zipper or buttons head-to-toe in the front, it can double as a chic duster! Here are our three favorite dresses from our e-comm right now.


[gallery size="full" columns="2" ids="18562,18550"]


Vintage Belted Red Dress or Duster - $38, Vintage Avalon Classics Blue Floral Dress - $74



Vintage Duster Dress with Pearl Buttons - $40



The easiest addition to any outfit to take your look to the next level: vintage earrings. They seriously just don't make them today like they used to (I know, I know, we sound like grandma -- but it's so true!).

Whether it's an oversized aged brass chandelier dandy or '80s pearl stud clip-on, go as funky or classic as you want. Vintage earrings are such an affordable and safe way to dress up your look.


[gallery size="full" columns="2" ids="18569,18560"]


Vintage Green Marbled Oval Earrings - $14Vintage Hammered Brass Earrings - $14



Vintage Peach Clip On Earrings - $38


These are just a few vintage items from our online shop! To see the full scope, visit Score free shipping on orders $50 or more!

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