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Flea Style Florist

(part-time or full-time position)

Location: Frisco, TX

We are looking for a boss babe florist to add to our Flea Style and Heirloom Haul team, located in our Frisco location.

We need this individual to demonstrate up-to-date knowledge about the floral industry, be on top of current trends and truly have a passion within the space. We are looking for a go-getter, somebody that likes to get their hands dirty, loves to talk to customers and isn’t afraid of sales.

This person will work very closely with our owner in building our floral department, which includes anything from purchasing products, processing shipments, pricing, marketing, launching the space, community outreach, and partnering with our events manager.


High school diploma.

• 3+ years in the floral industry

• Buying experience

• Be familiar with plants and floral needs

• An eye for design

• Flower handling techniques

• Creativity coupled with a business mind who can execute quickly

• Be nimble, flexible and open to wearing different hats

• References 

• Portfolio or examples of previous work not required, but encouraged

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Ordering/buying wholesale product

Receive items, care for and display product in Frisco store

Advising clients on possible flower combinations with upselling techniques

Educate staff and owner best practices

Reach out to the community, local businesses, residential areas and other organizations and groups to create brand awareness

• Launch corporate account and subscription programs

• Packaging clients bouquets and arrangements

• Some weekends required

• Instructing clients on suitable transporting and feeding processes.

• Coordinating/making flower deliveries

• Training future floral employees/part-time team members

• Coordinating/teaching floral workshops at Flea Style