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Fridays with Flea Style Season One
Step inside the world of Flea Style — a hub for massive curated pop up markets, cool educational conferences, artisan workshops and an online shop — and join founder Brittany Cobb as she interviews established and budding business owners, operators and influencers about their creative companies. On each episode, Brittany and her guests kick back with a coffee or cocktail and dig into start up stories, business pitfalls, regrets, lessons learned, advice they want to share and plenty of funny stories along the way. Get ready to laugh out loud and take lots of notes!

Flea Style Announces It’s New Store and Rocky Road to Retail
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The Flea Style team sits down to talk shop about their new store and studio opening spring 2018. From their wild ride to retail to tips for people considering brick and mortar, they dish it all!

Brick and mortar is all about experiential. You have to offer something that Amazon and online shopping can’t — pop ups, exclusive product — to make it today. The commercial real estate road is tough. When searching keep an open mind, be flexible and don’t get discouraged if a deal falls through. It took Flea Style five years to land its dream digs. Be patient with finding your forever home.
Flea Style Announces It’s New Store and Rocky Road to Retail
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Lauren Scruggs Kennedy turned a tragic airplane accident into a pivotal moment that changed her life’s path instantly. After a long recovery, she went on to marry the man of her dreams, write books, start a popular blog, build a charitable foundation and more. We talk with the New York Times best-selling author, blogger and entrepreneur to learn about her life’s inspiring journey and how she’s building a brand and foundation all about inspiration and positivity.

It’s important to constantly reassess our boundaries and learn how to say no. If you’re self-employed or work from home, try moving your desk around town — to a coffee shop, park — for a fresh perspective and mood lift. It takes time to grow an engaged social media following. Be patient.
Best-Selling Author and Blogger Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: The Power of Perspective and Patience
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Travis Weaver is living the American Dream. The native Texan sold candles door to door and grew his lifestyle goods business over the past six years to include a brick and mortar store, wholesale label and online shop all about well-made products from the U.S.A. Travis candidly chats about the company’s early days, pushing through failure and the importance of slowly growing a lifestyle brand.

Failure and copycats are inevitable. Don’t let them get you down; shake it off and move forward. Find your business’ sweet spot. The bigger the company, the bigger the problems and headache. Sometimes staying small is best. Don’t overthink your idea. Try to launch it the best way you know how to get momentum going and figure it out along the way.
Manready Mercantile Founder Travis Weaver: You Have to Start Somewhere
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Mary Padian is a pint size powerhouse. After a big breakup with her boyfriend, the former Architectural Digest editor followed her heart back to her Texas hometown and opened a vintage decor and junk shop. In 2012 after a television producer visited the shop, she traded junking for retail for picking storage units for television and has been a fan favorite fixture on Storage Wars’ long running series sever since. From her darkest days to highlight reel, Mary walks us through her crooked career path spit-firing solid advice and hilarious stories along the way.

Embrace the bad days with humor and grace. Mary reveals some of her darkest days and how her funny bone got her through it — and eventually to Hollywood. Be authentic. Yes, the word is overused but it’s true. Mary got the Storage Wars gig because she was 100-percent honest and living her life’s dream and the talent agent recognized it instantly. Being broke is part of the journey sometimes. Don’t get down if your finances aren’t stellar. The life lessons you learn during those tough times can build the character it takes to make it big one day.
Storage Wars Reality Star Mary Padian Interview: Picking Junk to Jobs Like a Pro
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Jon Tutolo is the king of reinvention. The 42-year old has worked in the editorial, styling, retail and advertising worlds and even served as President of Trump Model Management. Learn how the former model agent, shopkeeper and art director took his collective experiences and crooked career path to land his dream job as creative director of One Kings Lane.

Use failure as learning moments. Hindsight really is 20/20 vision. You will see later how tough times foster future blessings. Build authentic, real relationships instead of just casually networking. It’s the true connections that help you build your career.
One King Lane's Creative Director Jon Tutolo Interview: The Perks of Reinvention and Failure
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Jen Harrison — aka Flea Market Fab — has helped put boho-chic interiors on the map. Her custom decor and interior design businesses and booming Instagram account have helped homes across the globe become dreamy, layered, spaces one shaggy Moroccan rug at a time. We sit down with the style setter to chat flea markets and thrifting to all things business and social media.

Tips • Always have a few business balls in the air. That way if one thing doesn’t pan out or work for a bit, you have other things to fall on. • Use social media to forge friendships and business relationships and gigs. Some of Jen’s best friends were made on Instagram. • Social media is great, but don’t rely on it too much. If Instagram went away, where would your business be tomorrow? Be sure your business can survive beyond the app.
Small Biz and Social Media Real Talk with Flea Market Fab's Jen Harrison
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We flip the mic on our founder to hear her untold story about her early journalism days, famous ex-boyfriend, running a major interior design company and eventually giving it all up to found Flea Style. From celebrity interviews and traveling the world in her 20s to trusting her gut and giving up a fairytale romance she spills it all and reveals the importance of following your heart and head.
Trust your gut. It isn’t always easy to follow but it’s the best advice you’ll ever find if you are open to it. Happiness is different for everyone. Don’t get caught up in what happiness should look like. It’s all about what it feels like. Reach out to people you want to work for. The worst thing that can happen is they say no. The best thing? They hire you!
Forge Your Own Fairytale with Flea Style founder Brittany Cobb
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Cammy Miller and her best friend Cologne are the brains behind the cult-following fashion brand Show Me Your Mumu. We sit down with the California designer and co-creator to learn about the company’s early days, secrets for cultivating a devoted customer and how they’ve survived and thrived in the cut-throat fashion world since 2009.

There are no off days. You have to work harder than everyone to have a chance at achieving success. Trust your gut. Cammy credits her instinct for her best business decisions. Lifestyle brands don’t force their culture, they cultivate it through authentic owners, employees and products that represent the core idea and image.
The Free Spirit’s Guide to Success with Show Me Your Mumu Co-Founder Cammy Miller
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Taylor Sterling created the job of her dreams as founder of Glitter Guide, an online lifestyle and media company. But a lay off and a ton of hard work had to come first before she found personal and professional success. We sit down with the working mom to talk about the early days of her website as well as the power of positivity, supporting others and self care.

It’s usually hard to follow your passion project full-time when you need a paycheck. Use social media platforms to start leaking your idea or side biz to gain traction, followers and customers until you’re ready to take the plunge. Working from home is tough with toddlers. Figure out the way you can be most productive early on and create a plan of action that keeps your anxiety low and productivity high. For Taylor that means childcare outside of the home and taking Fridays off to lighten the mom guilt. If you have something that speaks to you so strongly you can’t shake it, you have to take the risk and go for it. Even if you fail, you will more than likely be thankful you don’t have any regret and gave it a shot.
Use your precious time to propel your company or idea forward and outsource busy work that stunts growth. Copycats are maddening, but don’t let them get you down. Use that fire to stay fresh and in front of the pack. Protect your brand legally the best way you can from trademarking to a having a noncompete or cease and desist letter at the ready.
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Learn how Blaine Jakubov left a lifelong equestrian career to follow her passion for fashion with no formal training. Today Blaine Bowen (coined after her first and middle names) is a nationally recognized lifestyle label that includes apparel, denim, jewelry and more. In between business tips ranging from hiring hacks to trend forecasting, this spitfire talks about breaking the rules and being a boss in your job role to push ahead and succeed.

Tips + takeaways: • Separate your office relationships and personal relationships at work. Sometimes you have to be hard on an employee (or take tough criticism) but that shouldn’t mean you can’t shake the situation and be able to have fun post work hours. • Don’t follow trends. When you start chasing trends, you’re already behind and often times look dated. Follow your heart on what you like and you’ll always be authentic and on-trend to your fan base. • If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. Hire employees that know more than you about a subject or surround yourself with people that you can learn from and push you to grow.
Street Smarts, Rule Bending, and Hollywood Starlets with Blaine Bowen
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While volunteering with the International Rescue Center Paula Minnis met a refugee woman that changed the course of her life. Eight years later the mother of four is running a blooming accessories business that employs refugees resettled in Dallas. The former retail maven has carved out a unique career path that is profitable and passionate. Listen up to learn her tips for starting a social enterprise as well as juicy business tips to keep you on track and succeed.

Tips and Takeaways • “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” by Teddy Roosevelt is one of her favorite quotes to keep her calm and cognizant during overwhelming or confusing times. • Put thoughts and ideas on the back burner and let them simmer instead of being impulsive with decisions. With time, the answer often presents itself. • Instagram is important! One cute and calculated photo Paula posted on the social network got the attention of J. Crew and eventually spawned a collection with the retail giant.
The Importance of Instagram and Social Enterprise with GAIA for Empowered Women founder Paula Minnis
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We met Kelly Ann Sutton last year and were instant fans. This woman has worked her way up the Anthropologie ladder for the last 12 years and now manages hundreds of employees for the coveted company. Kelly Ann’s people skills are off the chart and have led her to the position she now holds.

Don’t just live in your city, invest in it and yourself to create a good work/life balance. Go to a spin class, live show or coffee shop to meet and connect with people in your community. Don’t be afraid of failure. if you’re good at something in your job, it’s probably because you’ve failed at something before and learned from it. Get off your phone and connect with others face-to-face to build real friendships and work relationships. Kelly Ann got her first Anthropologie job by asking a woman about her necklace at a bar.
kellyann sutton anthropologie podcast Fridays with flea style
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Liz Kamarul – the Portland based interior designer that ditched her day job to travel the US with her husband in a 180 square foot Winnebago for four months – visits Flea Style’s office while on a weeklong pit stop in Dallas. Brittany sits down with the free spirit to learn about leaving your comfort zone, life on the road, monetizing social media and how to make every minute count.

Craigslist is your friend. Liz leveraged the free site to score her former interior design staging job to the Winnebago she’s now living in cross-country. Instagram is more than pretty photos. Liz uses the social media platform to monetize brand collaborations, make new friends (she has crashed with several Insta pals during her roadtrip) and even pay for her adventure by booking design consults along her route. The only person holding you back from following your dreams is you. You are in control of your life and can live it the way you want to. It may be uncomfortable, but it’s not inconceivable.
How to Live Your Daydream with designer/stylist Liz Kamarul
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Brittany gets real with her dear friend and Read Between the Lines founder/CEO Melinda Jones. The two talk about Melinda’s popular paper company and retail shop and how she created the booming business – that has more than 350 accounts! – with no skills in the stationery world. They also dish about RBTL’s early days, working on shoestring budgets and hiring tips. They leave time for fun stuff from personal life balance hacks to dream dinner party guests.

Make a weekly meeting with mom (or whoever is important in your life). Balance your personal life by scheduling a regular coffee or phone call with somebody that fills your soul and happy space. Invest in people. Never hire with “temp staff” in mind; always hire for full-time. Even if new employees only work a few hours a week hire them with the hope to bring them on the team full time. They will be thankful you see their potential and you will also hire stronger candidates if you both have this mindset. Take the hiring process slow. New team members can turn into family so really vet them and take the process as slow as you need to make a good decision and one that fits with the company culture. She likes to start with a phone call, then a meeting, then a team meeting and then a review process for all.
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We sit down with the artist, wall muralist and How to Draw Modern Florals author to learn how she got her start (with no art degree!), lands new business accounts and scored the mega-popular Dallas rewardStyle wall mural. Alli advises ways to muster up the courage to put your ideas and business in the public eye and also talks about staying true to her style and mission – and the changes she has had to make along the way – to create the job of her dreams.  Learn more about this incredible girl boss at Flea Style Summit in Dallas 9/23/17!

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alli koch inspire
episode summary
Brittany sits down with her team to offer listeners an inside look at how Flea Style got its start and operates today. Meet full-time team members Alyssa Cates and Grace Dille and learn how they landed their jobs, what they do day-to-day and even some personal life 411. Brittany also opens up about her typical day and some exciting projects in the works.

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