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Cheers to 13 Years!
  Happy birthday Flea Style! Wow, lucky 13! I will never be able to adequately speak to how I feel about this journey. There have been so many hard days, so many tough decisions and so many amazing moments. The...

Styling Tips & Tricks

Fashion and home styling with Flea Style favorites

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Home Tour with Boho-Chic Shopper Sara Sena
Sara Sena is a regular fixture in our Deep Ellum store always on the hunt for bohemian home decor. The self-described "maximalist plant lover" normally beelines for our vintage brass candlesticks, global textiles, woven rugs and funky oil paintings.
Closet Tour: Amanda Ritchey
Our shoppers are our muses, especially Michael's buyer and weekly Flea Style fixture Amanda Ritchey. Each time the 34-year old graces our floors, her prim-meets-bohemian style and pizazz for color, sequins, blazers and big bows always sends us all swooning.
Home & Studio Tour: Billie Ball & Co.'s Katie Arani
Our shoppers mean the world to us. So much so, they often become friends. Case in point: Katie Arani, owner and lead designer of Billie Ball & Co., a Dallas-based floral design business that specializes in striking earthy arrangements for weddings, events and editorial styling.

Small Business Tips and Tricks

Business advice from other Makers + Shakers

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Our Next Chapter
The last blog story I wrote was published on March 10, 2020 and about a fun event we hosted in our Deep Ellum parking lot and the ongoing developments of our future Heirloom Haul Dallas location. Man, that feels like...
The Small Business Guide To Taxes

Hiring an accountant is about as fun as booking a dentist appointment. But, just like keeping your teeth sparkly, keeping your books and taxes squeaky clean is imperative. Especially if you are busy growing a side hustle or small business.

How To Seek Legal Advice for Your Small Biz or Big Idea
If you've ever wondered how to approach, hire or work with an attorney for your small business (or even idea), today is your lucky day! We roped in our favorite legal girlboss to break down the ways to effectively and efficiently work with legal counsel.