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Meet some of our incredible Black makers and creatives!

Visit either of our store locations to see and celebrate their beautiful goods!

Learn more about their inspiring stories, businesses and ways to support them below.

Support Our Black Makers
Support Our Black Makers

Aarica Nichole Vintage

Aarica Jefferson

Instagram: @aaricanichole

Aarica is a full-time vintage seller – finding effortlessly stylish vintage and upcycled handmade goods. She studied merchandising and digital retailing while launching her first Etsy shop in 2013. After working in the corporate world, she decided to pursue her dream of running her own vintage store!

Support Our Black Makers

Oh So Sweet Scrubs

Alicia Bean

Instagram: @ohsosweetscrubsllc

Oh So Sweet Scrubs, LLC specializes in handcrafted, all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan skincare products that are made for all skin types whose number one goal is to make you feel good about yourself from the inside and out, and to have that Oh So Sweet Skin afterward.

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Anulikah Dawson

Instagram: @anuvintage

Meet Anulikah Dawson, stylist, jewelry designer, entrepreneur and all-around creative. ANUVINTAGE has beautiful vintage garments and objects for the home that’s been carefully handpicked just for you.
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Ben’s Body Basics

Ben Whalen

Instagram: @bensbodybasics

Ben’s Body Basics is a natural skincare business based out of Shreveport, Louisiana. After much research, studying and experimenting with plant-based ingredients, Ben found the perfect solution without the harmful and harsh chemicals.

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LM Organics

Cassie Kang

Instagram: @lmorganics

LM Organics is an intentionally organic skincare company for men, women, and children. They pour all of our extensive research into natural herbs and oils, to create the safest and most effective lifestyle products available.

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Corniche Jones

Instagram: @shopclaudius

What started with friendship bracelets as a child, has now turned into a full-blown business for Corniche. Claudius jewelry and accessories are designed to reflect each wearers’ unique personal style.

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The Katz Meow Creations

Erica Martin

Instagram: @thekatzmeowcreations

Here at The Katz Meow Creations you will find sophisticated, eclectic, bohemian infused, jewelry for the women making a statement.  Along with hand stamped wedding invitations and paper goods for any occasion.

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Henry’s Daughter Decor

Leah Phillips

Instagram: @henrysdaughterdecor

This couple collects empty glass bottles from local DFW restaurants to create the containers for their candles. Their candles are made with soy wax, fragrance oil and essential oil blends to really fill the space with scent!

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Lori Virdure

Instagram: @vinti.v3

 The vinti aesthetic reflects a balance of awareness, resurrection, humility, and confidence; focusing on quality fabric, exclusive design, effortless style, and undeniable value.

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Pleasant Folk

Rae Pleasant

Unique items for all, created or curated by Rae Pleasant. Selling vintage garments, curious objects, found art, handmade craft, original publications and artwork, exclusive brand products and more.

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River Birch Candles

Shane Washington

Instagram: @riverbirchcandles

River Birch Candles is a light in the candle industry founded by husband and wife, Shane Washington and Erica Rome-Washington. This toxin-free candle company donates one meal for each candle sold, in order to make a difference in the homeless community.

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Ensō Apothecary

Tamara Johnson

Instagram: @ensoapothecary

Ensō Apothecary is passionate about optimizing your self-care routine holistically body, mind & spirit.  They create handmade vegan skincare and offer donation-based yoga & meditation classes in Fort Worth, TX.
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Tarte Laine Designs

Tia Vaughn

Instagram: @shoptartelaine

Tia specializes in uniting contemporary art with fashion-forward jewelry. TARTE LAINE designs synthesize her lifelong love for art, design, fashion, and all things creative!