Vendor Testimonials

Flea Style vendor testimonials

Blaine Bowen

Blaine Bowen |  Dallas, Texas

“My favorite part of Flea Style is working with Brittany and her team and the event itself where we get to meet everyone and discover new brands! I love that it brings all of us likeminded creatives together and promotes supporting one another rather than competing. That can be difficult at trade shows, so the relaxed atmosphere is so refreshing! It’s great to do something that is so fun, while still being profitable. We had a blast! Cannot wait for the next one!”

Wrecking Ball Collective

Wrecking Ball Collective

Wrecking Ball Collective |  Dallas, Texas & San Fransisco, California

“Flea Style is just such a perfect fit with so many vendors who showcase different items of handmade and one of kind pieces. And there’s nothing out there that’s got this much talent under one roof!”

The Gypsy Wagon

The Gypsy Wagon |  Dallas, Texas

“Flea Style surpassed my expectations on several levels. First, the organizers were super organized and helpful.  It was clear that the show-goers were excited to be there and that they came to actually shop. Overall, it felt like a professional show with professional customers. My rule of thumb to determine a successful show is that the show fee lands at about 10-15% of your sales.  We felt great about our sales, and had a blast at the show.”

Sabon Home

Sabon Home  |  Dallas, Texas

“The show always exceeds my expectations both personally and with the support of Flea Style. The hard work everyone from your team puts in is noticed and much appreciated.  We see the changes each show to improve things both logistically and creatively for your vendors.  What first drew me to Flea Style was the marketing.  Having been a previous business owner of a chain of stores I could completely relate to your marketing efforts and how much goes into appealing to your market and you do a phenomenal job!”

Hazie Sue Vintage

Hazie Sue Vintage

Hazie Sue Vintage  |  Longview, Texas

“I feel like Hazie Sue was put on a new level after Flea Style. It’s hard coming from East Texas and people looking at you like you are nuts because the vintage clothing “trend” has not taken off as well here so getting to operate in a fully understood atmosphere is something I will forever be grateful for.”

Ascot + Hart

Ascot + Hart  |  Los Angeles, California & Dallas, Texas

“From the first communication to set-up to tear-down, everything ran smoothly, and the customers were awesome. This was on a way bigger scale than our normal pop-up events, and it was fun to have Friday night and all day Saturday to connect with customers, many of whom are repeat customers whom we’d never met face to face. We knew the show would be a great fit for our brand.”

Stephanie Johnson Art

Stephanie Johnson Art  |  Dallas, Texas

“Flea Style is a great way to gain exposure and gather feedback from customers first-hand. When you sign up, you feel like you’ve just joined a family of super creative, fun and motived people.”

Shave Face

Shave Face  |  Nashville, Tennessee

“The Flea Style fall show had the best traffic we’ve seen at a show thus far. We were one of the few male-centric experiences at the show, which was great for us! We also met a number of potential wholesale contacts as well as great PR potentials.”

Ruibal’s Plants of Texas

Ruibal's Plants of Texas  |  Dallas, Texas

“Flea Style embodies the creativity, passion and community that we want our own customers to feel when visiting our store. We had high hopes for this show, and we were very pleased with the outcome. Not only did we make more money than expected but we made many connections with vendors and new customers. The people who shop at Flea Style are ones we want in our store. The community that Flea Style cultivates is what will bring us back every year. The creative community works only when we come together. We felt all the feels at Flea Style!”

Ashley Varel Art

Ashley Varel Art  |  Dallas, Texas

“I jumped at the chance to particapte in the Flea Style fall show in order to introduce myself as a new artist to the amazing crowds and connection the Flea Style name brings. I came in with no expectations but hoped to meet Dallas art lovers, interior designers and future collectors — which I did in just two days. And I was overwhelmed with all the love I received and purchases people made. Thank you, Flea Style!”

Kaktos Rose

Kaktos Rose  |  Waco, Texas

“The Flea Style show has a great all-around vibe, the merchandise is unique and high quality, and the price is great for attendees. We got a good number of regular orders, but the majority of our sales were for custom orders! Plus, we got to network with other vendors that we hope to work with in the future.”


LemonGlaze  |  Lindsay, Texas

“Flea Style is the best show in Dallas because it is so well-curated. It is a show that really highlights high-quality vintage and handmade items and weeds out the lackluster, mass-produced junk.”