Limestone Hill Ranch

Limestone Hill Ranch

Decorating is my love language. When not on CEO + mom duty, my favorite role is making things pretty in stores, Heirloom Haul or my personal spaces. Some people feel best in a new outfit or pair of shoes, but for me, I’ve always felt happiest in a beautiful space that’s chic, curated and full of meaningful things. This summer, I purchased an East Texas ranch for my family and friends to enjoy. I filled it with flea market furnishings to affordable modern pieces for an eclectic mix that’s pretty and practical. I’ve wanted to wrap you into my design world and process for a long time. I’m so excited to finally roll out these stories from the ranch and other design projects on my plate. Xx Brittany

Tip: Use pieces from your natural surroundings to build unique plant displays. I cut pieces from the trees in my yard for this vase.

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I believe all spaces need a mix of old and new, splurges and steals and, of course, flea market finds. A lot of you ask how to create spaces that feel eclectic but cohesive. Here’s my advice: The main ingredients are scale, color, unique lighting and a hero piece or two. For my main living room, the pink Moroccan rug is the hero and also anchors the large space. All furniture pieces are big in scale to stand up to the tall ceilings and grand windows. The furnishings are neutral, but I brought in pops of color through accessories and the other hero piece, a vintage lime lamp. I love how this fun mix turned out and think the pair of black globe lights, hung asymmetrically, is what makes this room go wow. I never finish a room without playing up the senses hence the Flea Style candles to affordable record player station.

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