Bride wearing a white flat brim hat with a bow and feathers
Bride wearing a hat and groom popping a bottle of champagne on their wedding day on a mountain
Bride wearing a flat brim hat with feathers and bling
Bride and groom dancing on their wedding day wearing a white flat brim hat

a bridal hat? yes, please!

We absolutely love seeing brides rock our stunning and special hats for all kinds of bridal occasions. We are thrilled to offer an exclusive bridal reservation in our Texas hat bars.

bridal reservation

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wanna make it a bridal party?

What could be more fun than creating a one-of-a-kind hat for your wedding? Doing it with your bridal party or loved ones!

Let us know if you want to add additional guests to your bridal reservation to make this a truly memorable experience. Each additional guest will receive bubbly in our special cup and a team bride sash. $20 per guest

Stylist helping a bride create a white flat brim hat.
White flat brim hat,
Stylist helping a bride and her friends create a custom hat.
Bride sitting in a chair wearing a wedding dress and a white flat brim hat.