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market at the star

Vendors set up in white tents at an outdoor market.

Spring Market at The Star

Women shopping for jewelry at an outdoor market in the sun
woman handing a customer her purchase at an outdoor market
a woman shopping for jewelry at an outdoor market
Man and woman buying plants at an outdoor market

Frequently Asked Questions

Our events are all about handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind/unique items from artisans and small businesses. We look for items that are innovative, interesting and not too trendy. Price points are very important: We generally like items between $1 and $250 except for some furniture or art pieces.

We operate on a first come, first serve basis. If we already have a few vendors in your same category that have been accepted, then we will suggest you apply for another market in the future.

The Flea Style team reviews each application and handpicks the makers and small businesses that best fit our mission and criteria. We also make a huge effort to have each vendor different from the next and an even amount of makers in each genre (e.g., home décor, fashion, jewelry, art). If you’ve been a vendor in the past, you must have new products or finds to be reconsidered. We try to make each show different from the last.

Booths are 10x10' in size. Vendors are given a preset 10x10' tent for all Market at The Star markets. Any other market vendors are given a 10x10' space.

Booth fees range from $100 to $500 depending on the location and location of your booth. Each market will indicate its booth fee on the application page.

There is a $20 non-refundable vendor application fee.

We must receive a written cancellation notice via email to at least 15 business days before the show or else the booth and any rental fees are forfeited. All cancellations at anytime are subject to a $50 nonrefundable administrative fee in addition to the original application fee.

This will vary per market. Your market application will specify if you can or cannot apply.

We do not offer electricity.

Vendors are required to bring their own table, chairs and signage for outdoor markets –unless otherwise specified. These items will not be provided by Flea Style.